LACRIM – El Professor (English lyrics)

Intro :
Eh (eh)

Unique verse :
A finger up your ass if you think you impress us
Me and my homies, there’s no one who can fuck with us
We come through strapped up in your projects, assault riffles of great capacities
The veracity and the rapacity, being the god father of the projects and having everything, that never worked
Little son of a bitch, we need to have a talk
I’m a grown man, I’m not like those clowns
They talk crazy, they got bullied back in school
We grew up in the street, don’t worry, we know the codes
There’s several methods, I’m not saying I have the best one, but I fuck shit up, and then you act surprised
Bro, I hit, tracked down, robbed, like crazy, I cried so much at the funeral
I did eight years in jail, I’m still pissed, from the 94, they respect me all the way to the Quartier Nords
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Anvers, I got my homies at the ports, they make no mistakes, I’ve got some very solid guys in my contact list
I’m a tiger, avoid getting under my feet
And you know, we’re not really into fist fighting
My files on top of the pile, my name in all your police reports
Dressed in all white like my car, the (??) is perfect
It’s 50K for a feat, you have to pay us first
A canon in the mouth, you can bet that we’re gonna end up agreeing
Oh, homie, are you crazy ? you gotta wear your mask
You put the coke in the spoon, and all the crap will evaporate
In order to fuck you up, why make so many efforts ?
To shoot at you, give me rendez-vous at any door
I’ll come through right away, son of a…, yeah
You better pray for your all your prognosis to be correct
They’re living the life and had great conquests
Those liars are nothing but vulgar pickpockets
I know that they talk shit, that they caricaturize, on the traits of my soul, they leave erasures
They would love for me to talk to the skies, to get lost in the nature or to have an acident with my car
I know your connect, there won’t be no long talks
Kid, you think I’m talking about you but you’re not even on my radar
The truth is raw, you guys don’t deserve an ounce of respect or a place in my thoughts
It’s true that I’m hard headed, It’s true that I’m resentful, I’m not a superhuman, you break my balls, I’ll fuck you up
And all that is left, is nothing but bad, if only you knew that all the beef, they’re over nothing but money
They disgust me, bubt deep down, I know that they fear me
When they listen to me, it pisses them off, I have no doubts about it
I moved on, and I don’t care about none of all that
Pair of Louboutins, believe me, I got the baddest one of them all

LACRIM – El Professor (English lyrics)


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