Lacrim – Emilio Gavaria (English lyrics

Verse :
I’m chillin
I’m waiting impatiently on judgement day
I say to myself that my life is a fucking ram raid
I’m too proud, fuck all fo them, I can see that you guys aren’t doing it
A fucking Algerian
I believe that in my choices, that doesn’t help me
I had to slang meters, I had to rob banks
You, all you did was shut up, son of a bitch, or snort white
I did my thing, only for the cause
I don’t give a fuck about your mother, or your voice that is resonating in the radio
I may not be the boss in music
Keep your dick suckers and your voice
In any case, my projects belongs to me
Even the parking lot is mines
We robbed, stole, you’ll see the team immolate itself
Hamdoullah, we survived, screwing you guys, yeah, that’s what we wanted
At sixteen years old, I lurked around, lived, I was the thug of my town
May this be clear, I’ll never say everything, not even to the wowman of my life
Like Amin would say, keep the bullet proof vest, even when you’re going home
That’s weird, I taught that that was the only place where I could take it off
I don’t know what to do anymore, you know, sister, I only know about hard life
I saw scams, you want 200 grams ? I’ll go scratch the wall
Today, we’re screwing you, with respect, you know who is in place
Ask my town, for my brothers, how many times have I shot
You knew “la roue de la fortune”, and us, the tire of one bycicle
You lived in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, we would go there in order to rob
I was to Marbella at 20 years old, Punta Cana at 20 years old
I wanted to eat the wasted time, for you it’s winter, for me it’s spring
I’m a fighter, I don’t have time
You want war, y’a le 4 temps (??)
We’re determined, nothing exciting, I’m against Satan
I drink, I walk away with a limp, we’re fucking things up
Yeah, I’m losing it
I’m thinking on you, my hands are sweaty
My god, I need to be appeased
I call Bruler for a couple surah
I’m talking, I don’t give a fuck about the flow
The rappers aren’t my friends
I’m writing ‘Chivas’ right now as I’m talking to you
And I’m hearing the roosters sing
Please don’t judge me, plenty of qualities that I don’t have
I swear on my father’s life that I’m a man that is forced to live everything that I don’t like
My brother, we’re like the T-Max
Whenever you see us, you have to be carefull
I saw men act like bitches
And then today try to challenge us
In a while from now I’m going to prison
It didn’t go down the way that I wanted it to
Those sons of bitches, they casted the evil eye on me
They would like to eat me up like chiken


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