LACRIM – Freestyle Tiguere 2 (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
Life is short, I have some poison to submit
Some dividends to distribute, I found the remedy
I’m gonna whip them, my chain is big as Andromeda’s
I used to go to the Club Med, I was 16 years old
I would hustle in the morning in order to spend money at night
There’s an endless pain inside my heart
I gotta fuck them up in order to avenge history and history showed me that we were rarely wrong
And you deserve twenty bullets in the body
You know, selling a few bars of hash
Is far from glorious maybe you should stop
There’s bitches who thought I was dead
I’m a DZ till’ I die, I’ll still be one in my grave
A real guy from Gare du Nord
2 two bullets, a Versace shirt stained with blood on the body
Valorous, sad, I’m fucking mothers, yeah my brother, it has to be done, hé
We all have a devil, whispering in ours ear (to grab a weapon, do it, yeah)
Courage and guts
Money or blood
I got a plan, I have some time
The sun or the wind
A fat ass, the thinnest one
Which one should I take, it depends
The behavior, beautiful women
When it comes to money you know, we don’t have any approach
The beauty of a weapon
Guys, you gotta bring out your umbrellas
Tonight, I don’t know what it’s going to rain
Liters of blood in order to move them
You got to witness the things that power causes
You gotta believe in it before you ever get..
Before you ever get 6 millions dollars


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