Lacrim ft. Migos – Money (English lyrics)

Intro :
Migos, Lacrim, Kore

Pre chorus (Quavo) :
If you get to the money and stack up them hundreds
I know you addicted to Benjamins (money)
If you get to the peso, count up euros
Young nigga we know you killing it (killing it)
You killing it (paw paw)
You killing it (paw paw)
If you get to the money
We know you killing it

Chorus (Lacrim) :
They want to murder me
Because I made such a killing
Me, I’m in great shape tonight
I think I won’t leave nothing behind
I spent the night at the hotel
Live from on La Croisette
She’s beautiful with beautiful shapes
Tommorow I’m going on a cruise
Oh yeah, I’ve made myself some enemies
I could take my gat
Hop on a Z1000
Let them know Taieb, with their moms on a selfie
Bro this is not a movie
If I rap, in your opinion, am I strapped in real life ?

First verse (Offset) :
Imma vilain, I’m killing it
Million dollars in my ceiling
Came up as drug dealer
Sippin’ Activis while you sippin’ penicillin
Look at you broke nigga through my Versace lenses
Not to mention
Got a felon, man I’m fucking XXX
Young savage nigga dirty nigga
Had to sit down, do a fucking selling
I knew we gon’ blow how to feel it
I was worth a penny now I’m worth a milli’
We did it independent no deal
Imma lead the head at your lieutenant
When I coped a million got a lot of adrenalin
Sweet boy, boy you selling it, selling it
A lot of rappers that be gimmicking
Take a nigga flow and try to roll with it

Pre chorus (Quavo)

Chorus (Lacrim)

Bridge (Takeoff) :
If you get to the money
My nigga be trapping from monday to sunday
Taking a pack and I’m beating that dope
Cut dope on the grill no George Forman
I’m balling on niggas XXX morning
Migos overseas we ain’t touring
Thank God for that pipe
Pour a whole six when a nigga wake up yawning

Pre-chorus (Quavo) :

2nd verse (Lacrim) :
Finish number one, what did you expect ?
It’s not my fault
I’m too humble, too much weight
I fucked them all
I’m having a glass on Les champs Elysee
It’s minutes before midnight
I’ve got my bag with me
I fire twice, the bullets ricochet
Are you messing with me ? Are you messing with me ?
I’ll fuck you up !
Why wait for you to ask for it, bro ?

Pre chorus (Quavo)

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