LACRIM – Jon Snow (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I grew up alone, I don’t have many attachments, it’s when we get bored that we start buying
I just got back from Columbia, I’m waiting on my luggage, I’m trying to guess which one of those bitches has pure in her pussy
There’s nothing to be ashamed about : my mom had trouble paying her rent but thanks to God, I’m here for her
I drink at night, I’m the same person in the mirror; her breast size is a 95D, she’s natural with honey colored eyes
The same color that you can find under the AK 47’s handle, both of them can send you in heaven
They got along very well : they were real associates, he ended up putting a bullet in his head over money
My contract is worth Olivier Nusse’s house, cono, I’ll be able to marry Cinderella, embryo
Last year, I had the Patek Nautilus, now I’ve got the Patek Tourbillon
They don’t have the same charisma, don’t have the same shoulders, you would love to do the things I do but you don’t know how to manage
There’s big guys in the streets who ask me for photos, they hand me over their cell phone, and their hands are shacking
It’s true, I smoke joints, I’m the boss of the corner, May God be my witness : Yeah, I came a long way
Such a long way, I probably did things with your father if he was active back in the early 2000s
I know about the betrayal of men and women’s vice, the flower that fades, the pain of the flame
Then, I know the girl that swallows and the sound of a lead shower, I know some women, damn, they’re wonderful
I know guys that were down for action and who ended up saying a lot, there, canon in the mouth, they pissed on themselves
We’re hitting the road, one convoy, two three cars, my kids, they’re like their father, you can see it in them
They say that I sell dreams, yeah but I live them ; I assure you : my nightmares are just as strong, I’ve got a heart
I’m packed with emotions (go fuck your mother) but you, you only see my shoes
A lot of pressure, but I’ll still help you out, don’t force too much, there’s marks on my spine
She told me “I love you” in a villa with a sea front view, but would she say the same thing if things were hard at the end of the month
I’m mentally strong, as strong as my money safe, I’m trying my best, I’ve got balls and my dick is hard as fuck
Untamed in my Ivory Tower, the power to see it, yeah my bro, you’re gonna have to get use to it
On the defendant’s bench, you’re telling her that you want kids but in a (??), yeah, yeah
We no longer count the people that we’ve hurt, you don’t wanna know the amount of the restaurant tab, you’re gonna have a stroke
This morning, I set sail, after swimming for 200 meters, let’s go have breakfast, my house is on the beach
But love is (??) so I got me two maids, the Python skin is beige
Son, all you have to do is turn the page, my heart burned in the snow and I spent my tenth year near the heating
Then, stored in a sarcophagus, I prayed God for a lighter sentence, I’ve been on a T-Max all night
I think I’m gonna smoke that little son of a bitch as a sacrifice
And like in Gomora, I’ll get revenge at the same place, a lead shower with a nice firework
I sleep with her, I see her searching my pockets, uh, I’ll act like I haven’t seen anything until tomorrow morning
So that whore can imagine, just for one night that I’m not the smartest guy around
It’s true, from time to time, success gets to your head, personally, that’s not my case
Two glasses of Vodka, bring over a (??) on a whim, I ride into my lawyer’s office on a bike
Ok (ok, ok, ok)



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    where is the translation?

  2. i cant find the translation..

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