Lacrim – Kim jong Un (English lyrics)

1st verse :
Bro it’s time, it’s time, if we have to die, we’ll dress up
Of course I’m luicd when the smoke from the hash goes up to my brain
I’m always full like the barell
You can do the turn of Paris and tell all your bitches that I’m married
We’re equal on the parity, great men, great solidarity
We drive around with 3 cars, there’s only a rocket launcher that can stop us
Yeah, Mashallah what a fine group, nothing but low lifes that are rejected by the laws
And when we shoot, it’s in order to kill, back where we’re from it’s not the intention that counts
My father and his broken back, hope isn’t what keeps us alive anymore
I’m a prisoner of my past, count money count money, it delivers us
Tonight again there were deaths, 7.26, it’ll hurt your stomach
This is the story of the suicidal guys that want to take back the dope spots
My ambition is overwhelmed, to me you remain a great mystery
I’m going to take the plane in order to spend these stacks at Manchester
My brother, we’re eating, we’re eating, we’re eating, orange tracksuit, I’m in a Range
I’m from the projects, I made a killing and I know that it bothers them
I would so like to see them live enough, for the futur that they told me was traced
I would so like to do the turn of the world, twice in two years I was given the anckle bracelet
Don’t fuck around and end up in shitty situations
I’ll mostly go where it’s hot like Marbella, I swear on my mother’s life
Toute la haine que j’ai du donner pour reprendre ce que mon fils à le droit (??)
Don’t get it twisted, definetly not the A3 but the 6.3
Brother, fighting with these bums, is nothing like a real dick contest
Son of a bitch, I’ll fuck your mother if you throw shots at me in your music
No free insults, I swear on my daughter
You recognize a man not by his words but by his actions
We’re going all the way up to heaven, nothing but great men
With one jab you’ll go to sleep, I can see it in your eyes

2nd verse :
I want my 20 million
I spent too much time spending, serving jail time
I want to escape, I want my 20 million
I’ve got homies that are making the double and are re-investing everywhere back in the old country, but I’m starving
I would like to grab all the apartments that are near les Champs
For the luxurious Palace’s bedrooms to be like my house
Qatari, Chinese, you think they’re the only ones with money
Even if I only make 10%, I’ll pull my dick out for them
We counted, counted money all afternoon
My heart is full of love at night when I go home
Qatari, Chinese, you think they’re the only ones with money
Even if I only make 10%, I’ll pull my dick out for them


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