LACRIM – L’immortale (English lyrics)

Intro :
AWA the mafia, my nigga

Unique verse :
We’ve suffered a lot, we’ve dreamed a lot, my flag is green, my heart is sealed
We’re not rich people, we come from the gutter, I became a capo because I made a name for myself
You don’t know what it’s like to make love to death, night clubs in Morocco, they envy us
Honey, hop in the Aventador (??), we’re already stronger
Deep down, I’m too nice, that’s why I say “yes”, I’m afraid, I’m listening, at the slightest doubt, I run away
You think that real life, is all about making a lot of noise, yeah, you’re with your fat whore in the club
The beautiful things in life are hidden by everything that shines, slowly, I’m keeping away from everything that is harmful
I don’t give a fuck about having higher ratings than him, money, I went to jail because of it
Wait until we catch them, in the face of my charisma, they didn’t survive the shock
They don’t have the codes, I started out real early, I fucked up my growth because of the blunts
I’ll never betray you for a pair of boobs, I rubbed my face with the dust from the concrete
They lock the door behind me when I go to Louis Vuitton, the Patek’s bracelet is in Python skin
I love you and I know that you would sell for ten kilos, I have a heart of titanium, the whole scenario is wrong
Eyes blue because of the police lights, she has a big fucking ass like J-Lo, yeah
Prison cell, heat wave, fan, I would love to be immortal like Ciro, yeah
They’re going to take me by the feelings, I would love to be immortal like Ciro
Ciro, Ciro, we arrive in the Viano, tainted windows, andiamo, mama, ti amo
You wanted me to be your Angelo, diventato un diavolo
RS, Audi, very paranoid, I’m afraid of Tony, afraid of Manolo
I don’t know who to trust anymore, who wants to do me a job ? You get too confident and you’ll take two in the head, eh
We’re too hungry and we become dangerous when our families are in need of money
Don’t touch my bread, I’m not doing well, I’ll go crazy on you, don’t play with me, homie
Llife is very hard, this isn’t the loto, for the bag, hop on the motorbike
Per i soldi, possiamo fare tutto, nei quartieri vedi tutto

LACRIM – L’immortale (English lyrics)


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