Lacrim – Marabout (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I saw my reflection in the mirror
I had to cut off a bunch of old friends
We ride through the projects, strapped up
May god forgive me, I did hold ups, had premarital sex
Freedom of speech like Martin Luther
I’ll never bite my tongue in front of these bitches
I’m the national team, relaxing in my sauna
If you’re lost, turn on your GPS, and head to the Sunnah
They’re terrorized, eastern weapons
Memorize this : I’ll kill them all, I won’t hesitate
I’m like a spider, wherever I go, I just have to make a nest
The police are in front of the borders, I’ve got 2 kilos of that pure shit, I’m going through custom
I’m building my future, some kids, some money, some apartments
You know my friends, in life there’s the great white sharks, and then there’s the bait
Sometimes your own friends will stick their knives in your back
You must probably think that the keys to the safe are in my jacket
I’m living a nightmare, I dreamed of a life that isn’t mines
If you don’t understand, I’m dancing on a rope that isn’t stable
Bro, you know that you sleep well at night
When you know that everything is under control and that the money is flowing in
We spend our lives snatching everything, and in the end, we’ll end up giving everything back
Some money, some money, homie, we’re all blinded, we’re swimming in the matrix
A re-up homie, too much kilos, your team is playing Lego
There’s no more gambino, a kilo of that pure shit, we’re sending you a hell of a blunt
Some money, some money homie, no more cell phones in jail for the phonies
I’m talking to Marbella, my kids and to my Bella
My son is 5 years old, he gets lost in his villa
There’s a swimming pool, you fools, it’s hard to catch me
Fuck you, I’m on the sea coast, I’m living like in Brazil

Chorus (x2) :
We’ve hustled like never before
Wether it was in the drug trade or not, we worked hard
Keep on visiting the voodoo priest
Or reading the tea leaves
I’m wearing my graine de café sunglasses
You’re not good because you didn’t do it
We fired shots where you dribbled
We came out victorious where you screwed up


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