Lacrim – Mon fils ft. Leslie (English lyrics)

Chorus : (Lacrim & Leslie) :
My son you won’t throw yourself in the fire
(My son you won’t throw yourself in the fire)
You’ll see the evil that is hidden in their eyes
(You’ll see the evil that is hidden in their eyes)
You know, guys like me they die before the old folks
(You know, guys like me they die before the old folks
That you have faith in god, that, I’m wishing for
I’ll make sure that you bathe
Very far away from misfortune
In rivers of diamonds
My son, it’s not time to lose
I’ll make them lower their eyes
I’ll go fire at them
In order for you to touch the rainbow
I wish for it
On my life I’m swearing it

1rst verse (Lacrim) :
Tell them Kamel, I was little, I understood it all
The anti crime brigade and the judge where always after us
Son of a bitch, if you’re my enemy, my enemy
We’ll wish death to each other, and that’s for life
They’re pitifull, they’re full of hatred
We take payements, yeah, according to the needs
My treasur is hidden
I swear on my mother’s life, we don’t have nothing to prove

Chorus (Lacrim & Leslie)

2nd verse (Lacrim) :
You’re not going to fuck my life up (one, two bullets)
Two million dollars without the balls
Don’t make you a man, my friend
Screw their fathers
We’ve done some damage, we fired shots through the window
Our lives on the line, (how much of them kill ?)
Like in Tel Aviv (are judged ?)
My brother, the princes of the town
The cops busted me
At four in the morning
They took pleasure in beating me down (we got sentences)
When I touched my first euro bills
I started dreaming (we got jail sentences)
I’ve got strength, I’ll crush them
2015 I’m only giving out ass whoopings
Brother, I’m taking care of the family
The parents, that’s good enough already

Chorus (Lacrim & Leslie)

3rd verse (Lacrim) :
Some tears, it’s hard for our families
How many youngster threw their lives away ?
I hope for our sons for our daughters
A better life
Bad luck over our houses
The devil makes us loose our mind
You have to keep faith
Thet things we couldn’t have
They’ll be able to have them
Until death do us apart


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