LACRIM – Reda l’Egyptien (English lyrics)

1st verse :
I wake up still drunk from the night before
The same number just called me ten times
I’ve got a meeting with a guy, eh
I gotta give him some coke, eh
I’m tired of this fucking shitty life
I’m on the dope spot every season
The cops broke down my house’s door, my mother kicked me out the house
I’m passing over to get my bike, she stops me at the café nearby
A son of a bitch owes me money, I’m waiting for him to show up
In stead of that I meet an elder guy from the projects
A real parasite, this is the third time that he’s breaking my balls for me to give him some coke

Bridge :
– Wesh you bastard what’s up ?
– I’m good and you ?
– I’m ok
– Yeah, what’s the matter with you ?
– What you mean, what’s the matter ?
– I’m calling you, you’re not answering, eh, you’re acting weird
– What do you mean ?
– You’re acting weird brother. I asked you for a euro, you would think I asked you for ten kilos
– Take it easy brother, why are you talking like that. Calm down, take it easy brother. We’ll get in touch, I’ll hook you up. Take it easy.

2nd verse :
I’m hiding, I’ve got a rendez vous on Paris, a half of a kilo is ready for the fiend
It’s some pure, we don’t screw people over, it comes in directly hidden between the bananas
Avant d’partir la sécu’, we live in a dirty era
I’m headed over to see the girl that I’m fucking, I take the Glock
Lui, j’vais donner deux-trois fois ces 100 balles depuis trois mois
And he’s already late, I was forced to raise my voice
He’s lucky he’s a payer, or else I would have already fucked him up
But before being violent, we want to recoup our salary

Bridge :
-Yes my brother
– Yeah, hello. Reda ?
– Yeah, my brother, yes
– Eh brother, Reda, are you fucking with me or what ? Where is my money ?
– Nah brother, nah, I told you “just wait a few days” and it’s gonna be okay
– But you’ve been telling me that every day for two months. I’m waiting. Ah Reda, I’m running out of patience. Pay me Reda

3rd verse :
Alas, I move on, I don’t have time bro, guys like him, I’ve got a dozen of them
J’lui donne et j’récupère les faftaftaf à la pompe de Porte de la Chapelle
I’m in place, I take a seat in front
I light me up a cigarette, I’m having a hard time trying to saty still
Plus this night, I had a bad dream
My faith was decided by flipping a coin
I’m seeing a guy go back and forth and a woman that is parked in a Golf
Am I crazy or maybe I smoked too much ?
He just keeps looking at me and talking on the phone
I aready saw that in a movie, I think I’m paranoid
Sometimes because of one detail, everything fucks up
I’m seeing Reda that arrives at the red light
I give him a pair and in the blink of an eye, I’ll be already on the highway
I’ve got my backpack, I pull up next to him
He lowers his windows and I throw it at him
These times are dirty bro, hurry up, nowadays, I don’t know what life has planned next
The rear view mirror is catching my attention, I’m seeing all black as if there were 60 guys
My head is telling me to run away, I accelerate and there, everything goes black

LACRIM – Reda l’Egyptien (English lyrics)


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