LACRIM – Reda pt2 ft. MISTER YOU (English lyrics

1st verse (Lacrim) :
Where the fuck did I end up ? The cops fucked me up properly
I ended up in the police van, those sons of bitches took me to Fleury
And I haven’t slept all night, I stayed awake, smoking through the window
I still don’t know how I ended up here, after tommorow I was suppose to go to Maarbella
They busted my Bella and seized my villa, the lawyer is going to break his back to get me out of here
But fuck it, I’m staying strong I made it to the buidling
First of all : I left my heart in the safe, secondly : gotta fit in
I start by taking the bottom bed, if my cell mate tries to act stupid, I’ll fuck him up

Bridge (Mister You & Lacrim) :
– Eh, You ?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah…
– Eh, your homie is here, Lacrim just arrived !
– swear wAllah ?
– Yeah, he’s right in front.
– Yeah, Lacrim !
– Yeah, yeah !
– Yeah, this is You, homie !
– Yeah, You, what’s good ?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah…
– Eh, come down, come down, eh, come down, come down, let’s go for a walk.

2nd verse (Mister You)
What’s up brother ? Ah damn, I was angry when I found out the news concerning you
How did they manage ? I wonder
You were making your money on the low, you were discreet, a lot of cash and no more credits
A little weed, some drill, some alc’, and some training
Now, you’re going to have to get used to it and be careful around the little brothers
Because in the slammers, news spreads too fast, we go from paradise to hell
Only trust your family, I used to hide my phone in a box of pasta
My son of a bitch cell mate snitched on me at the chief of the buidling
I swear, during summer in jail, it gets very hot and you talk alone
There’s a lot of real men, wallaye billaye they lost their minds
Brother, over here, don’t open up to no one, only trust your balls and your money
My ex cell mate, I fucked him up, I almost ended up like a vegetable

Bridge (Lacrim & Mister You) :
– Ah yeah, You, paro.
– Ah, forget it.
– We’re locked up together.
– Ah, forget it, my brother wAllah, forget it. And what about you, how did they get to you, homie ?

3rd verse (Lacrim & Mister You) :
Brother, you know it, I’m discreet to death, appart from 2 or 3 guys, no one knows anything
It’s like I’m full of parasites, they took half a kilo from me
I was about to go serve an Egyptian called “Reda”
Hold up, the meeting, was at Porte de la Chapelle ?
A guy with a bald head, clear eyes, a scar under his ear ?
Cops everywhere, a BP when he brings you the money
The son of a bitch, he evaporates while the cops are bursting you
I’m going crazy, I swear on my mother’s life, it’s him
A fat fuck who’s breath stinks that I met at a night club
He didn’t give me a break, he kept calling me every week
That son of a bitch payed me in cash so I thougth that he was legit
Oh, shit, what a bastard, I’m raging
He caused dope spots to shut down, guys from Lyon, guys from Paris, guys from Nantes, etc
That son of a bitch, he won me over by selling me a Patek, then two, then three, he became my friend, and then…
I brought him into my family circle, I presented him to my mother, I feel like doing him dirty, I feel like fucking him up (son of a bitch)
He gave me his childhood friends, to him, that’s not even an issue
That’s crazy but that son of a bitch, he even snitched on snitches
We need to show him that in the streets, you don’t mess around
This fat bastard is gonna pay for his behavior excesses
The fact that we’re both in jail, he’s going to regret it very much
We’re gonna catch him then tie him up in the appartment
My mother is crying, they arrested my wife
There’s the money loss because of the time wasted
I dream of eating him or spraying him up with an AK
I may be getting myself into trouble but I won’t let this slide

Outro (Lacrim & Mister You) :
-Oh, I gotta say, what a crazy story, brother
– Eh, everything in it’s time. One day, with the chief of the building, we’ll get him to put us in the same cell
Don’t worry I’m connected. We’re gonna take care of that.
– You’re a real one
– Latifi, Zenoud ! The prison walk is over, everyone back inside

LACRIM – Reda pt2 ft MISTER YOU (English lyrics)


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