LACRIM – Tiguere 3 (English lyrics)

Intro :
“Esto es pa’ que sepan, hijos de su puta madre, que aquí con El 40 y El Chivo Loco, nadie se mete, bola de perros. Aquí con nuestro cártel y a nuestros compañeros no se van a morir en vano y cuando entren, van a entrar a como salieron hijos de su puta madre. ¿Quieren jugarle al vergo? Pues le van a entrar hijos de su puta madre. Su puta madre. Es el área de nosotros, nadie se agüite, hijos de su puta madre.”

Unique verse :
You know, my brother, I came a long way, no one is worthless around here
I’m gonna take over the whole spot, period
Homie, even in prison, I never smoked any whack shit
We chase money, I know that they’re out to kill us
My dreams are purple, in search of my she-wolf
Only God worries us, it’s mostly death that we experience
Bro, in the street, things are crazy, a few crews, a few lead showers, tomato
The phone is plugged in, there’s two microphones in your car
Police station, you big liar, you’re there to give them the news
He’s looking at your Snap, he’s spying on you, wants you dead
Give me a stop, you turn your back, you’re K.O
I kick a little freestyle and, you’ll soon get RIPRO
Gold, platinum, you’re selling drugs asshole
I dream of living where man has never been, around here, the bullets have replaces kindness
It’s so hard to be humble, may God forgive me if I have not always been that way
I committed a lot of sins but just know that I believe that the filter of purity is more than fragile
Repenting isn’t an easy route, on the peace day, your best friends assassinates you
Girls, money stacks, asses, bags of hash, of coke, cars, homie, I’m not stupid
She’s after my money and when I sleep, she searches for my phone, she’s crazy, but she’s hot
I know about life, I know about the wrongs, I know about fear, I know the codes
I’m still here, my ghost is lurking around, there’s a full moon, I’m transforming
Big spliff on the blood, I sleep on the sea coast, a hell of a rib steak
Audemars Royal Oak, coke arrival, cops on our asses
I just keep accumulating the wrongs, I dream, I dream of emeralds
Versac’, everything is golden, we fuck all the world
I used to sleep in the Ford, my anger is too strong
I know my way around town, you’re nothing but a tourist, why come around when it’s risky ?
Making 200 euros off a kilo of smoke, that’s not big time to me
The sun hasn’t been out in two weeks, you’re gonna see death (??)
This is Ali la Pointe featuring El Chapo, don’t stutter when you’re on the phone
We already have you’re offering, Sicario like in Narcos
At Monaco, I’m at the Sass Café and at the prison visiting room, I’m eating tacos
C63 in the streets of Paris, yeah, I’m all alone, strapped up
Yeah, sometimes, I think back on the days when I was a kid
There was nothing weird but hey times change, me too

Outro :
“Aquí con nuestro cártel y a nuestros compañeros no se van a morir en vano y cuando entren…”

LACRIM – Tiguere 3 (English lyrics)


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