LACRIM – TIGUERE 3 (English Lyrics) (2nd version)

The person who speaks in the intro and the outro is “El 40”, a member of the criminal group (Mexican cartel) called “Los Viagras”.

The video was shot in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

U know, my brother, I’ve come a long way here, there are no good for nothing.

I’m gonna take the whole corner, up your ass, I’m gonna put my fist

Igo, even at the Arrivals (first days of detention), I never smoked hay

We run after the loves (money), I know they want to extinguish us

My dreams are purple (500€ bill), looking for my she-wolf.

God is the only one who tests us, especially the death that we experience.

Brother, in the street, there, it’s very hot, a few teams, a few bursts, tomato

The phone is plugged in, there are two microphones in your vago (a car)

Comico, big mytho, you’re there for info

Look at your Snap, it’s spying on you, it wants you dead.

Give me a stop sign, you give the back, you’re out.

A little freestyle and then, soon, you’ve got R.I.P.R.O. (Lacrim’s albums)

Roro (gold), platinum, you’re bicraves (selling drugs) my bastard

I dream of living where man has never been, here the ball replaces kindness.

It’s so hard to be humble, God forgive me if I haven’t always been

A lot of sins but know that I imagine that the filter of purity is more than fragile.

Repentance is not an easy path, on the day of peace, your friend murders you.

Girls, bundles, bags of shit, coke, goves (cars), buddy, I ain’t stupid

She wants my loves (money) and when I sleep, she looks for my ‘phone, how she is crazy, how she is hot ! 

I know life, I know the wrongs, I know the fear, I know the codes

Here again, my ghost is roaming around, it’s full moon, I’m transforming myself.

Big spliff on the blood, I sleep on the coast, a large rib steak,

Audemars Royal Oak, arrival of coke, the cops on the coast

I accumulate the faults, I dream, I dream only of emeralds

Versac’, everything is gold, we fuck all the world

I was sleeping in the Ford, my hatred is too strong

I know the city, you’re just a tourist, why come when it stinks of risk?

Get two hundred euro on a liter (1 kilo) of zipette (cocaine), I don’t call that being a wholesaler.

Then two weeks later, the weather is not good, you’ll see death on the hat.

It’s Ali la Pointe (Algerian fighter during the Algerian war)  featuring El Chapo, don’t stutter when you’re at the bigo

We already have what you propose, Sicario tah (like) the Narcos.

In Monaco, I’m at the Sass Café (restaurant/club in Monaco, very expensive, very posh) and in the parlor (visiting room) eating tacos.

C63 in the streets of Paname, yes, I’m all alone calibrated

Yeah, sometimes I think about when I was a kid

There was nothing weird about it, but times are changing, me too.


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