Language classes !! 🔥🔥🔥

What’s even cooler than having a native speaker translate all the latest european bangers for you ?
Actually learning the language !
We take pride in serving you the most accurate translations possible, and we’ll keep doing that with pleasure. 👊🏽
But any native speaker will tell you that sometimes, some bars just can’t be translated.
Sometimes, it’s simply not about what the artist said, but the way he said it.
And you can’t fully understand if you’re not familiar with the language.
We decided that it was time for us to step our game up.
Instead of only providing translations, why not help you get the full experience and offer language classes ?
We teamed up with Gymglish. They’re a team of native speakers, juts like us.
They’ll have you speaking french like Ademo from PNL in no time 😂💪🏾. And It really only takes like 5 minutes per day.
Plus the lessons are fun and easy.
Give it a shot, let us know what you think.
Let’s all make mastering a new language our new goal. 🤝🏾
-Here is the link to the FRENCH 🇨🇵 classes :
-Here is the link to the SPANISH 🇪🇦 classes :
-Here is the link to the GERMAN 🇩🇪 classes :
-We even have some ENGLISH 🇺🇸 classes for our French visitors :