Lartiste – Jamais abandonner (English lyrics)

1st verse :
I’ve never been a wall hugger
I would go in when the blows were hard
My ride or die homies where there anyways
We don’t back down, I assure you
There’s only the traitors that I never saw coming
How much longer will I be able to keep up ?
Will my consciousness hold me back ?
Being that we all leave without coming back
I know what they want, they want me to give up
But that’s out of the question
I’m stronger than those sons of cowards
And that’s true
All eyes on me, it’s not my fault
She thinks I’m cute, he wants my popularity
I’m aiming for a million, for me and my homies
And for my son to grow up on the sea coast

Chorus :
I never gave up
Never gave up
Even when the problems where right in front my nose
I always hung on tight
They can be crowned, they can be big shots
I’m neither affected or impressed
I took some blows, I’m a little stunned
But I never gave up

2nd verse :
I press pause and I see my life in front of me
I’m having fucking flashbacks
The inside of my pockets where like Somalia
While my neighbors where having a barbecue
Arabs and Black pilled up in an apartment
We wanted the world like that asshole Bonaparte
A crew without ship and without map
But we had balls and Sparta’s values
We rapped, rapped, stole, worked
Cigarette, coffee, cigarette, coffee
The hash and the weed messed up my health
Fuck, I’m being disillusioned
I saw homies go crazy quickly
Going, coming back, minds where lost
There’s no work, we’re being boycotted
Forced to rob in order to feed ourselves
Empty the safe, empty the safe
Hurry or else I’ll paint over the walls
I don’t care about your ass
I came for the cash


3rd verse :
I started the trend, they ignored it
I kept my mouth shut, I clinched my teeth
I haven’t sold any records but I have them dancing
I get calls from the whole of France
I don’t sleep anymore, I’m working intensely
This album is better than the first one
They expect too much of me or not enough
Don’t worry I’m only passing through
They expect too much of me or not enough
Don’t worry I’m only passing through
I came to murder them
We’ve had enough of all these liars and beggars



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