Lijpe Mocro – Hou je bek (English lyrics)

Chorus :
You tell me that you know about my pain
Know who we are
But I’ve never seen you
You guys, studio gangsters, dealing beats
Many dudes with 2 faces tell me who’s who ?
You tell me that you know about my pain
That you know about my limits
Know where we are
But I’ve never seen you
You guys, studio gangsters dealing beats
Many dudes with 2 faces tell me who’s who ?

Unique Verse :
I only see dumb fucks on the streets
There are many options like mine, I’m into music
Big audience, many want to see Lijpe
But they don’t want to book me bro, because the price’s sick !
Yeah, I’m next level already here for a while
Still not my time, so I’m patient waiting
Yeah I was just like you, grinding for a Nike
But now in the PC don’t even want to see the price tag
Bro I’ve been a runner since 180cc
Followers who are waiting for me
Love for everyone
But when I wake up tomorrow I’m alone
When I don’t get money.. well that’s a problem.
So I have to keep grinding
And keep your wife at home, because she keeps starring at me
I’m with Ismo, low in the TDI
Check how we fly past you
This is just my life, ewa we are living bad
But I’m straight if i have arranged something
I can eat with you like a date, but we don’t date
You guys wanted to be like me, but it didn’t work
I’m with kippie, no KFC or hot wings
Running for that money, leave them behind
Everyone wants to rap so I only hear bullshit
I don’t give a fuck about rap, but I’m a professional
A lot of blue (cops), but I want to see purple (500), or green like spinach
This rap shit doesn’t pay a lot, so check me on the streets with Gucci and Armani
Call the police, I don’t talk
Time is money and I’m in a rush, why ? Don’t ask me.
I know she likes to see me but I can’t come today
Hood, you can find me there
Your money ? I don’t want it
Scheming, so I don’t sleep
Do your thing I don’t hate
Acting like me won’t work
Fuck an arrest
Fuck you, you want to see me dead
What I do ? That’s none of your business
Beef with me ? I don’t spare you
Give me a beat I rape it
You are checking Touzani, or you are checking Ronaldo
We don’t check anything here except for your bank balance
Let the business rotate like the earth
Brother, I want to cruise in a Lambo or Range Rover
Now you want to be on my tape ?
But I’m still not on TV
Funx, we’ve been there as the talents of the week !
Fans are reading my tweets, thinking I’m balling
Asking for a Zonamo session or 101
But I have to make sure I eat, I’m mad I don’t want to be friends
Colleague come earn some money with me
Only my mother feels my pain
In the beginning I was low, now I’m going through the sky like the gas price
If there is money, I’m coming
If I have earned something you can see the grin
But I’m not laughing, outfit costs more then a k (1000)
Ready for whatever
My boys are hungry, so they are grinding for sure
Police are sending me letters they rather see me broke
Swag stupid, idiot
I would never stress for some head
MOB until the death
Swim in the money or in the gutter


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