Lijpe – Vastberaden (English Lyrics)

[Verse 1]
Was hungry, ewa, normal when I was nothing
Now I’m pulling cash and I’ve got it on card
Don’t have to shine, but you still see a smile
The neighborhood is so hot, bro, even if it’s eight below…
But no one that froze here
When the cops asks, “Are you a rapper?”, I say, “No, I’m an artist.”
This is profit, bro, I don’t even know about losing.
Went from nothing to a little bit, came out of nowhere
What I’m driving is above 100k and, you know it’s not financed.
Enough choices in life, you need to know what you’re choosing
Two fingers in the air, but we don’t live in peace
Everybody wants to be at the top, they’ll humiliate you filthy
First I started moving at three, now I’m moving starting at four
It’s all changed, i started for fun
But I had money in my sight and now I won’t let go.
don’t ask if its possible, you have to ask what it costs.
Half the guys on the street here are devastated
I’ve got sums of money on my head, no sums of a grand…
There are days when it runs, there are days when it flops
You hear a lot of stories, but the question is whether it’s true
When we hunt it’s big, otherwise we don’t show up.
Never pose as a boy or they’ll hunt you down.
Been ran all month and your salary has been paid.
Like chicks in front of the mirror, you make it disappear again
Brother, wake up, you are stuck in the shop
But your dad’s fighting, no, your dad’s broken down
We’re looking at the same clock, bro, what are you doing with your time?
Don’t need no phone service if it won’t reach money
If I don’t have it for a bit now, I’ll look for it right away…
You don’t have to understand me if my mother understands me…
We’re looking at the same clock, bro, what are you doing with your time?
Don’t need no phone service if it won’t reach money, hah

I’m determined
Which motherfucker wants to make it tough?
If it is interesting, will it come up
left the talk about nothing in the classroom…

[Verse 2]
Sometimes ten minutes of conversations, but what we get is good…
That time with nothing was my wake-up call, now I’m sharp as a knive…
I don’t have to stress anymore, I’m learning too many of those lessons
I can flex in the club with bottles, but that’s not how I am.
Learned a lot from every mistake I’ve made as a human
So I’m grateful, really, now everything is how we want it
I got angry into this scene, now I can laugh at my fans
looked at the newest Merry when I sat in the tram
I’ll never say my plans, you have to realize it for yourself.
Now I only know about stacking, but It wasn’t always like that
Don’t come and pull on me, bro, I’m gonna leave in a bit
I come to places more often now, but I was stuck in the trap
I saw those things on TV, then I saw it for real.
A lot of people got caught on the road, bro, but I made my way
They say you’ve changed if you’ve got everything now
I’ve fallen in places, now that shit’s falling into place…
Don’t call me for sauce, my connection is bad.
I’ve got very heavy bundles here and I’m lifting them away
Got really hungry, so don’t mind me.
If I’m pushy for all these notes here
Because all I want to do is earn, people want my voice…
And every beat says, “Lijpe, let’s see what kind of killer you are.”
I’m not coming in with a gang, but we’re in with a strap.
You’re not going to know your value until you understand the business
Come strictly for the price, you want the lies
If I don’t have time for your newspaper, that means I’m grinding
Don’t look for beef, I’m a cook, I’ve always got paper/pepper on me.
It was gone for nights, never a nine to five
Or dealing on a bike, you guys still stayed at home
Been in these fields too long, feel a bit like Cruijff
Maybe I’ll invest it all in big company
Better use your time, don’t wait for a better time, Lijpe. (Lijpe, Lijpe, Lijpe)


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