Lil Tai Z – Freestyle #6 (English lyrics)

I’ll keep praying to God until my last breath
Until all the doors that were closed to me open up
I was told that when it comes to making money any means are okay
Because the sky is mute and earth is deaf around here
I regret the days where I had nothing ot lose and everything leave
Where I didn’t have ot worry about the brand of the pair of Nike on my feet
Where strangers didn’t have time to waste spying on me
When I’m feeling confident the same thing forces the doubts to remain
Behind my smile is a hidden pain that is hard for me to talk about
Yesterday I raised my head and tommorow the sky is in my reach
I act like I love getting myself in trouble
In no cases must I disapoint the woman that carried me
Even when you’re walking on the straight path one day you’ll have to confront a turning point
Tell me how are you suppose to stack money when you’re going against the grain
When I succeed I’ll maybe crack a lil’ smile
For the time being I’m moving on solo, all I have is my jacket to cover myself
No need to precise that I’m not a charming student
I thank YW for believing in my dreams, and what if we never thought about the rest
All I see are barriers when I try to imagine what the rules look like
I started out from nothing and I’m proud to say it
No attention, no listening, we do as we can and no matter the price
The goal first and foremost is to touch the most people which doesn’t matter to those to whom it’s all about selling records
And I don’t care about your speeches what I want is for them to tell us who we are
Too many people think that hate is the only thing that rap has to offer
You would like a beautiful and hot woman
A stylish lifestyle
You’re never around for your mother but when it comes to vice you’re always there
We remain attracted to danger
We love it you would think
On judgement day we’re gonna tremble
But it’s gonna be too late
I’m seeing that nothing has really change being that the colonizers are still taking
And that those who were slaves yesterday are wearing gold chains nowadays
I started out with no role model, our innoncence as our lawyers
Different destinies misses fortune tellers go get your cards
The future is ours
It’s up to the all mighty to find consequences to ours actions, I don’t even know which hand to shake anymore my man
As if I was ambidextrous
I don’t even know what to think of myself anymore
Apart from the fact that I should leave in a hurry
Rappers stop at the walk on part, that’s cool but I want to run the traffick
Get back up faggot you’re diving like crazy, swearing for nothing
What kind of lil though guy have we got here ?
Lower your voice dude ! Wh o do you think you are ? The torment is in my head and it shall remain there
I don’t have Kanye west’s so called power
But my arm is long enough to finger fuck Kim Kardishian
You child of a coward, I’ve got Einstein’s madness we don’t have the same sayings
Not the same punch
Or the same mission, or the same weed
Every ghetto’s the same bro

Lil Tai-Z Baby, I’m 15 years old
You’re rapping at 40 years old
I have all my time

Lil Tai Z – Freestyle #6 (English lyrics)


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