Łona – Rozmowa (English lyrics)

It’s a fan-made video clip done by MrSolinius.

[First Verse]
It was yesterday. I remember, even though I’ve got poor memory.
I’ve got a call. I’ve picked up the receiver and said: ” Hello?”
All of a sudden everything is in flames.
It’s God calling. He asks me: ” Łona, what’s goin’ on down there?”
Nah, it must be some kind of mistake. I don’t understand a thing.
” Saint Peter chose your number at random. Clouds are blocking me the view.
Bad visibility. So, cut the crap and tell me what’s up down there!”
– It’s shit. Everyone’s anonymous.
There’s war everywhere. Or at least martial law.
The authorities are a group of con men with the biggest one at the helm
and the Bible stopped being a bestseller long time ago.
– Hmmm, so maybe I should send the Messiah one more time?
– Don’t be silly, he’ll end up on an electric chair! (reference to the movie “The Green Mile”)
It’s a waste of time. People are swollen-headed. It’s too late to reform these sinners.
– Really? – Yeah. – Well, things are not going too well here either.
I feel lonely, not many people go to heaven these days.
No one tells me “bless you!” when I sneeze. Ahchoo!
– Bless you!”

[Chorus] x2
Yesterday God called me.
” Tell everyone it’s high time to sober up.
– That’s not going to work. – What?
You’ve seen it before.
– That’s not going to work? – No, things went too far.”

[Second Verse]
Then God started shouting.
” I’ve sent the Flood once, I can do it again.”
– For the love of God!
– Who? – Oh, my bad.
But it would be the biggest disgrace possible.
Maybe something can be done? I don’t know… fixed.
– Cut to the chase, son. It’s not funny anymore.
– Maybe people will start to get along again?
– What guarantees do I have? – You need to take my word for it.
But chances that everything will turn out well are still quite good.
– Okay, I’ll let you be but I’m gon’ holla at you later.”
He put the receiver down and I’d like to know
what should I do to save the mankind ?
So, people, let’s do something to make the world a better place
or He’ll call me and bawl me out again!


Fuck, I had to put a ceilling on it to make this video.


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