Lorenzo – Beurette de luxe (English lyrics)

Intro :
Oh… My man
On this track, I won’t talk any trash
I don’t have time, the heart will speak
My man…

1st verse :
It’s at the shisha bar around the corner that we hooked up
I wanted my girlfriend to be a thug
I would finger fuck her even at the Mcdonalds
The fiends would call, I wouldn’t answer
I wanted you to be the woman of my life
I had diarrhea because love makes you sick
I used to deep kiss you at the football stadium
I renewed your whole wardrob but also your little dirty ass
You had taste, you liked soft hash
When I was out raping others, well, I was thinking on you
I was thinking on you, that bitch Shym’s pussy has nothing on you
We would ask speole for cigarettes, both of us, in the tramway
I crumbed your heart, go ahead, relight the flame
Tonight I’ll performs holds on you à la J.C. Van Damme

Chorus :
My man, I miss you
You were my luxurious arabic bitch, you know it
My man, my man, my man
Forgive me, baby
With you, I want to do dirt
Believe me my man, my man

2nd verse :
In order to ride out to the sunset we would sell hash
There’s our sextape on a kayak on le Zap de Spion
Hurry up, your brothers must no find out
It reminds me of when I used to fuck tose nones at the convent
We would go to Danny’s to eat Pizza
You were sweet and loved when I called you Ziza
You would pass, pass, pass over the blunt
But you’re the one that would make my head spin
I don’t go to the club anymore, I don’t wear Axe perfum anymore
You were my Cendirella, I would put on your Air Max for you
My man, you remember baby, you already know


Outro :
I’ll admit, I miss you
Come back plesae
I still have the picture of you at the appartment
Your conditioner is still there
It smells good by the way…
I love you


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