Lukasyno – Maszeruj albo giń (English lyrics)

[First verse] :
I speak Polish like my father and grandfather before him.
I know where I’m from. We have a rich history.
My ancestors came a long way.
I care about others. Bonds, family tradition.
I believe in Christian values but I don’t turn the other cheek.
One state, one country but people are so divided
because of the European ‘pieces of silver’, petrodollars, fief granted by the caste of lords.
Empty cities on the east, empty benches in the neighbourhood.
A lot of my homies packed their traps and now they’re seeking their fortune all over the world.
I didn’t stay long abroad. Life of an emigrant is not for me.
Father suffered a heart attack, mother beat cancer.
I want to be my family’s support, life toughens you up.
When you’re in a clinic, holding your child in your arms, you start to look at things differently.
I reach out to the poor. I was always sensitive like that.
Trust me, homie, you’ll make that money but you must have a clean soul.
I use to work at nights as a cabby, scrimping and saving to pay my tuition fees.
Now my parenting skills are being put to the test.
It’s how you think of yourself matters, not how others perceive you.
Being real means commanding respect on the block, not causing fear.
Your life is a testimony of what kind of man you are.
Don’t bring your disgracing behaviour with you.
Everyone has an element of goodness in them, you just need to share it with others.
Sooner or later you’ll return home, victorious or defeated.
I don’t have no more time to fix the world like Don Quixote of La Mancha.
You need to stand with your back to the wind, don’t tilt at windmills.
March or die, warrior. May enemies’ scalps hang on the lances.

[Chorus] :
March or die! March or die! March! (x8)

[Second Verse] :
I’m opening another doors, I was going down the hallway with no door handles.
Split second, Grim Reaper was holding me in his arms.
Soon a child was about to be born.
A moment when time stops. Plans written on the wind.
Maybe we’re not destined to be the greatest.
Everyone has their own Mont Blanc. I choose the path not trodden.
* Sometimes I’m riding on horseback, against the wind, like an uhlan.
Sabre in my hand, I’m raising my arm, fulfilling my ancestors will.
Straight ahead, the deeper I go the voice of the heart becomes more and more distinct.
The bell rings again, empty throne, a fortress invincible to this day.
At nights I’m reading books. Exploring history of the Polish army.
** Company of elears, cursed soldiers, Silent Unseen ready for a paratroop drop.
Proof of courage, an example of honour, symbol of the brotherhood of arms.
Those who died on the battlefields passed away undefeated.
Riding on Valkyrie’s back, in the blaze of glory, heading to Valhalla’s gate through pitfalls (traps)
‘Mutes’ from the Sejm’s podium. Tables laden with food and drink.
(the Sejm/the Seym – the lower chamber of the Polish parliament)
Don’t be someone’s puppet. Don’t hurt your brother.
People trampled on by governments, countries by the high and mighty of this world.
Modern slavery, they’re reaping profits of exploitation of labor, at your expense.
Here thieves have rules – do not hurt the weak. Desiderate (things that are needed or wanted)
I return to the origins, primal instinct, self-preservation.
I surround myself with people who are close to me. With those who I can trust.
Sparks are rising into the sky, bonfire is slowly burning out.
Let’s keep the fire going. Let this moment last forever before the alarm is raised again.

[Chorus] :

March or die! March or die! March! (x8)


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