Lunatic – 92i ft Malekal Morte (English lyrics)

Intro (Mala) :
9.2i homie
Malekal Mo homie
This is for the homies, this is for the homies
Yahia homie

1st verse (Mala) :
From M.A.R.O.C. to M.A.L.I
Sénégal Négui
9.2i is imposing itself, right away
A.L.I., B.2.O.B.A., Brazamizi, Shara
Mala the crazy guy from the Malekal Morte for an exclusive freestyle
Our hard rhymes conquer even the miladys
You can see that there’s more than a thousand and ten styles
Ennemy, take all of your friends and leave
I’ve got anger in me
When I enter the arena
I have to honor those that back me
My blood brothers, my row brothers and my queen
And for my bad men, from the Hauts-de-Seine, we’ll perform on the high scenes
Zénith, Olympia, in order for the others to bleed
I’m zen, once my sensimellia is in my blood
I lo, I lo, I love you
Drunk off Cherry, I’m not on the good side but in the direction
That you guys like causing

2nd verse (Booba) :
Lunatic, 92i
I make a killing at each rhyme
Malekal Morte, Shara, Brahms and Malachnikov
Bitches and flossing, MC, music and crime
Rambo versus Gandhi
When Marc Dutroux meets Candy
Violent, like being born in our era, on the mic a bandit
My gang has been out of hand since the big bang
The million dollar production
Subject to article 122 A
Illegal group like weapons and cocaine
Nigga, it’s a tragedy like Ibrahim an Lumpini
I’m rich, I leave on a RM
Stacked bank account à la B.N.P
I fuck them at the back of my B.M.W
I carve pages of rage underground
My homies are heros, lock the money up in the briefcase and roll
Some weed
I know that I’m being watched from up there
I want everything right away
Find me a good bitch, cousin
Paranoid, we all have a
3.5.7. under the pillow
And they can feel that it’s been powerful ever since I started singing

Chorus :
This is for the homies, Malekal Morte
This is for the homies, Lunatic
This is for the homies, yahia homie
This is for the homies, 92i

3rd verse (Issaka) :
Be or die
B.2.O.B.2.A.L.Issaka, Brahms, Mali
Lunatic, Malekal, 9.2i, Maroc, Sénégal
Casamance, rebelle Mala
With Allah’s guidance
Gun in the garbage chute
Crazy chronicles, we live scumbags lives
Dream of pur gold
I don’t even sleep anymore, in this world of impure colonizers
Why do we deal even if we have jobs ?
Yeah, but what do you want to do in France with these fascists ?
92, revolution, what I see is a crazy world
Where the 3/4 of the population gets bullied
They’ve got their tax havens
And us on the other hand we impose our no man’s lands
Now they’re regretting, those cars that are burning
That you can’t change a man in a jail cell
Or at night when our victim screams…(9.2i)
We think too much, get by in our lives, reflect on our lives
And if that’s what they want, we’re going to arm oursleves, and surround ourselves with homies
Don’t think that we’re going to complicate things for ourselves
We’ll do everything that there is to be done and in front of God we’ll have to explain ourselves

4th verse (Ali) :
The beginning, two steps away from Addis-Adeba
Dar es Salam. 92, place to crash at
Issaka, Mala, Brahms, Booba, A.L.I
For our faces, Rabat, Nouakchott, Dakar, Conakry, Bamako M.A.L.I
The African man at the beginning
Caribbean connexion, brothers, only the ocean seperates us
They say that hope keeps you going
Ours makes us vibrate
Feet on the old continent
On our own
While under surveillance, that’s how our destiny goes
Peace to the brothers who respect it, carry it on
Peace to the sisters who preserve their virginity
Peace to the mothers, the first ones to ever smile to us
Peace to the fathers for dressing us
This is for the homies
From Algéria to Zimbabwe

Chorus (2X) :
This is for the homies, Malekal Morte
This is for the homies, Lunatic
This is for the homies, yahia homie
This is for the homies, 92i

5th verse (Mala and Brahms) :
You have to bleed the sample
Hurt the fakes, make it net and precise
Make them say : “damn we’re fucked this time”
Malekal Morte cousin, this is Boulogne, Issy
This is Mala, Booba, Ali, Brams and Iss a.k.a Mali
Without any moral
That’s not our role, we’re all hated since our cribs
How to explain to the brothers that were brought up under weed
Who lack neurons, on that we’ll remain unanimous
Like one man
If you’re in the Islamic Din, peace and Salaam
This is for the homies
Not for the man whores
Flossing, that’s not the goal
That’s why we still have the same homies
The same pitbulls and the same rotties
The dick suckers and the boyscouts
I leave them, I boycott all of those
There’s no doubt
Plus I don’t give a fuck about the gordjiguens
That are in this business, and about their friends that get excited
Malekal Morte, rhymes, lead showers and harsh langage
Never on credit, this is for my homies

Chorus (2X) :
This is for the homies, Malekal Morte
This is for the homies, Lunatic
This is for the homies, yahia homie
This is for the homies, 92i

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