MAES – Dragovic (English lyrics)

Intro :
Les Derniers Salopards, Maes

1st verse :
4 in the morning in the slammers, I can’t fight my light
I always had balls even when I was a toddler
I grew up in the most dangerous department
No one will never say : “Maes died an old man”
Growing past 30 years old is becoming an exploit, you get sprayed up, you end up on the cover of L’express
I don’t know that girls, she’s just a whore, they listen to me from the 59 to the 13
We live in a world where the sane people doubt themselves, it’s noon on my watch, I don’t only open the dope spot one out of two days
There’s some blunts, weapons, also some good weed, it’s midnight on my watch, I close the dope spot one night out of two
A few hidden euro bills, I sell death in plastic bags, me, I wanted to see something else, me
I get paid in cash, I got my hand on the trigger, me, I wanted to see something else, me

Bridge :
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh n…

2nd verse :
I was hungry, they taught me how to hunt, me, no one brought me any food
Lights off, I’m still waiting on my pay, Dragovic is gonna taste (??) with a straw
I kept away from the cock suckers and the nosy people, I got a flight stop at Dubaï, I’m headed to Thaïland
450 euros of profits from the bar of hash, serve yourself like in my jail cell, I sell hash even in prison
450 CRF scratch up the Honda, no time for fist fights, the shotgun will answer you
Tell me who is gonna fight back, tell me who is gonna stay around, always in my projects, I parked my RS, there
I won’t go far with the RSA, I’m gonna end up getting censored by the CSA
There’s kilos hidden in the house, becoming rich isn’t thought at school
I went through customs, I’m waiting on my luggage, I’m counting over the papel, I’m with Lisbonne

Outro :
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh nan, oh nan
Oh n…

MAES – Dragovic (English lyrics)


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