MAES T Max530 English lyrics

Verse :
My hands are made for gold but they’re in deep shit
I haven’t been through 1/4 of my mother’s suffering
But I felt the difference between me and my father
I’m Bader’s little brother, Toufik’s, Amine’s, Adam’s
There’s not one to help the next, they’ve all been through police custody
The family is growing bigger, there’s Moz now, they’ve all been through police custody
I’m preparing the plan, I’m trying to think like the prey
Two lead showers, I’ll leave you on the floor, you’re spread out
I fucked you up so bad, you thought that there was three of us
I can see myself doing the turn of the world following my lucky star
I didn’t weave my web, I’m doing the accounts at the hotel
There’s those who speak in tons and those who speak on the phone
I’ve been around for two falls, I saw who were the traitors
And today they would like for us to talk like before
If I had to count on them I wouldn’t even have any soap
There’s the cops wearing helmets knocking at my door
I didn’t even light my blunt up yet, the scent is strong
How can you be so whack with so much effort ?
She likes showing her shapes to me
She wants to show me where she lives, hein
She likes showing me her body
But she doesn’t know that I know her brother, hein
Unexplainable, unexplained
It’s 4 in the morning I’m in jail with no lighter
I don’t like your words and your weird behavior
2 rendez-vous later and Shakira is in love
I won’t quit my activities just for you
I’m knee deep in a hell of a drug ring
So I gotta come correct on the dope spot
So I gotta be careful on the dope spot
212 nothing but pure shit, 212 nothing but quantity
I got that dope shit, the color, the texture
White, greasy like Angela Merkel
I’m heartless, I’ve got pains, regrets
You act tough when your crew is around but we all die alone
There’s about 50 fiends harassing me
I’m making money, I’m smiling like Omar Sy
They listen to me from Lille to Marseille
But Les Derniers Salops are still not at Bercy

Chorus :
I’m making a difference, I’m better than all of them
Best blunt, best weed
TMAX 530, it’s raining
I pull my gun out, run for your life
I’m making a difference, I’m better than them, hein hein
Best blunt, best weed, hein hein
TMax, it’s raining, hein hein
I get the gun out, suck it

MAES – TMAX530, English lyrics


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