Maitre Gims – Loup Garou ft. Sofiane (English lyrics)

1st verse (Sofiane) :
W’ere gonna smoke some pigs, we’re gonna eat some hash’
No time to waste anymore, don’t be surprised if we subcontract the violence
And my victims will let you know about the dangers of the featuring
Graveyard of rappers, real rudeness
I’m spreading out my cosmos, the stars are saying “amen”
At the top of the empire, Vivendi, drug dealers of the shadows
And guess who’s supplying ?
We can manage to convince everyone that we’ve changed, but not ourselves
Pour some blood out in order to redden the button
Hashtag, werewolf under the sheep’s skin (what?)
Behind the mask of the kind Fianso, there was me
You refuse to pledge allegiance, we’ll grab it by force, motherfucker
I’m Lord Voldemort, no need to lie
I’m arriving in the industry riding Pegasus in order to charm the sorcerers, drink the vampires blood
Forgive all the Hobbits from up in my tower (humble)
Antimatter contact
Don’t bring the cops in the dopespot (simple)
Brother, we’ll fuck you up (basic)
Cali Cartel, what piece of hash ? We’ll bring you La Géode
There’s only only one Mob Boss for the whole of Italy
At the 33 du rite, Scottish MacLeod
I’m the abscissa, disordered
Butcher a lamb, measure the tremor
A circle, a ring in order to govern them all
I saw my destiny in a kilo of pure
We bleed in family, we win in family
Find something else that never meets
I’m a Kabyl, I come from the mountains (check)
Lead shower in Qamis, we drink the water from the tin can, the darkness are with me
Punch Batman without accessory or cape
Your name on my black list and end of story, shotgun shots
I live without coloring, the enemies are too slow
A drug related transaction, the remix ???
A magic stick, a flying broom stick,pff, glock GSXR 1000
I said “endoloris”, I’ll light you up from point blank
Under the moon laying him out, I’ve got the impacts on my chest
Good manufacturing, Go Go Gadget Shotgun
Chevrolet Transformer at General Motors
And sooner or later, the Prince becomes the enemy of the king, I’ll go sit down, but you messed up
I have a taste for power, you’re from the 8th arrondissement of Paris and you thought you had me but I’m sorry

Chorus (Maître Gims)
My little wolf, my little wolf, don’t stay there, things are getting weird
My little wolf, my little wolf, move back, there’s a werewolf
My little wolf, my little wolf, don’t stay there, things are getting weird

2nd verse (Maître Gims) :
I’ll break your neck
Because life gave me blows and I can’t stop arguing with people who think they know me like my parents, yeah, I’m crazy
I don’t display much love, I still haven’t found the words
Is it Waraoui or Warano ?
Tell me, what is there after death ?
It’s la fuego, the dinero, my number is the uno
This is for Adama Diallo poulo, we started this under the water
Solo in the zoo, trying to keep out of prison, 9th was the zone, and we ?? at home
Things are getting very very serious, the demons masturbate when mankind start to stray away
Let’s keep our guards up, where not in a Gad Elmaleh’s sketch
Your name is Agathe, I must warn you, cuddling annoys me
And men like seeing that the legs are starting to spread open that everything is going downhill like at Kattegat
Ok, tell me, what do you want ?
In order to avoid saying : “bastard, what are you worth ?”
Some money in order to experience your girl
Clear the way out, here comes Gustavo
We won’t lie to you, tell you that everything is beautiful
I’ll tell you who you are if you empty out your pockets
Allez, you’re not lucky, your name is Sakho
And there, most likely, you’re seated in economy class
I never sold out, I never whore any heels, I’ll break your fingers
You’ll see how funny that is, I’m well endowed like a stallion, the kingpin of all the kingpins, are you still with me ?
Come, let’s talk on Whatsapp, I’m bugged, you better whisper
The manager anticipated that this little bitch would take a screenshot
Eeeh oh, It’s me, the one that the SACEM can’t afford to pay anymore
Fellow french people, I arrive in a coupe, 190k on the wrist
You came to this world before shame existed
I’m giving you the time, but you’re after the watch
Viners are becoming singers
We won’t be too shy, like over at the Jenner’s
At 32 years old, you still haven’t settled down yet
You’re afraid of dating a Paris girl
Two kids later, all of a sudden, she tells you that she’s a prostitute over at Pizza Pino
They’re trying to spy on me, plunder me, see me undress, saw me
Because they think that I’ve got money like the NBA
Posted up in my crib near the chimney, ah, you’re never too sure
You don’t get it, it’s my fucking job
Can you please reverse, curl yourselves up
Because you’re not even invited, I just keep collecting, folding
Go ask the Caribbeans, I’m a real guy
And shut the fuck up while you’re at it
You’re walking on my fucking path
You thought you would get away with it, I’ll attract you
Bury you, smack you up, we spotted you, 93-12, Essonne, Tarterêts

Chorus (Maître Gims)
My little wolf, my little wolf, don’t stay there, things are getting weird
My little wolf, my little wolf, move back, there’s a werewolf
My little wolf, my little wolf, don’t stay there, things are getting weird

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