Manolo – C’est la rue (English lyrics)

I don’t care how fly I will be, I will never forget where I came from
I made a killing for years, but meanwhile I’m k.o from inside
Money broke my way, brother, to the paradise
The judge can’t say anything about me, God’s word is more important
What did I sweat for if I’m still gonna burn in the future
I take a walk in life, because it’s not in my hands
You shouldn’t say you good, if you’re locked up good
The road makes you steal, like stealing is in your blood
You act like you grind for your bread, but brother you don’t feed anyone
I’ve been betrayed by my blood so brother I don’t feel anything
If there’s shine somewhere, you are there
I would give my life for my parents and if it’s necessary brother I will do time for them
You don’t dance with the devil, the devil dances with you
The only thing I was looking for, brother that was money
Princesses became hoes, just like my bro became a hoe
Because I was broke for a while, so my bro kept distance
We live in darkness, I’m curious about when brighter days will come
Heaven is a dream, the distance to hell is short
You can toast on life, but what do you do when you’re gone?
When you’re dead your stack will have 0 power
I rather think you will have bad luck
In life it doesn’t matter how you live, you will get shocked anyway
Bro, everyone has got his own destiny, you don’t have to hurry
I don’t want to think about the position I have put my parents in
My friend I was in hard times and I’ve been stabbed from the back
Each fight I was on front for you, but you left me behind
My father was a soldier and he made me a warrior
The circumstances doesn’t matter, he’s got my back even if I’m guided to the judge
The boys from your hood doesn’t seem to become thieves
After 1/2 punches they became friendly
Mo was learning to become a mechanic, but became a dealer
Your soul goes to hell, now you became sad
You give your life for a girl, but she’s banged by everyone
You can glow in the club, I’m solo in the dark
Brothers stress at the border, because the custom officer doesn’t know his place
I blew at your fire and now it’s turned off, but brother that’s not what I’m wishing for

The cops open, the doors of hell for us (2X)

Look at me in the eye, you can see my pride
Homie, only my mother sees my pain
I’m sad we’re not millionaires
9-7 Amsterdam, we’ll fuck you up, you already know, eh eh
You know Manolo, look at his face, homie
He doesn’t joke around, homie
Nowadays, your fam’ betrays you over money
Homie, that shit is weird, I guess that’s life, yeah yeah
Brother, don’t worry, the world is evil, and me, I’m stacking money up like crazy
The money comes to me, if not, I’m the one that runs after it
For my father to stop working, homie, that’s my wish, yeah yeah
It’s in the street that I was born, It’s in the street that I robbed
We started out in the struggle, homie, life is short
I’m talking about jail, Azat is soon getting out

This is Manolo, you dirty son of a bitch


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