Manolo – Jungle (English lyrics)

Forgive me, in the jungle we fight
My whole life was a fight
Homie, the jungle is my home and my reason

1st verse:
Did you think I was only gonna speak french?
Earning money from your friend is wrong
Watch out if you take a step in the cocaine
Take everything you can, it’s not your country
A while ago I was in a bad situation, I saw them all disappear
They were like my shadow, when I shined they were with me.
Started with my soldiers and I will be with them till the end
You are with us when we are eating, but where are you when we are grinding?
You weren’t with us, you were with rosalie-lie
Stacking money for a wife, and you still shout MOB-B?
Faggots make money, and will stay quiet
Swing in the jungle, maybe someone will shoot-shoot
I don’t give a fuck about rappers
Bla bla, they act like gangsters and sing na-na-na-na
I’m now with the realest, I keep distance from fake people
We went through fire, now we gonna flame together
I’m already fighting my whole life, I don’t care about rap
Just let me and my boys eat, we will all become rich
The jungle won’t be sorry, you are gonna regret a lot
Bang bang, the jungle is my hood


2nd verse:
Bro it’s going fine, even blind people are hating at me.
I want to go to heaven, but shit took me to the hell
I became real when I saw you were fake, I didn’t know the only thing you saw in me was money
You don’t choose friends, the jungle brought us together
One of us is locked, if he comes out, everything will be ready
I’ve seen enough, I can’t give you my trust
Because even in the family there were rats who didn’t stay
Forgive, not forget
If he fucks you over once, a second time will come too
On the way to the top, but we slided off the stairs
One will fuck over his friend, the other will fight
My mother gave me breath and the jungle taught me to life
I met lions and I made snakes run away
A top tier faggot, you can’t deny
I’m the realest in the game, you guys have to get used to that
Everything I got, I fight for it myself, you let your parents take care of you
The streets taught me to fight
I’m ready to rumble, manolo motherfucker
The realest in the jungle
Manolo motherfucker
The realest in the jungle


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