Matt Houston – Dans la peau d’un dealer (English lyrics)

1st verse :
11PM the day starts
the night will be good and lucrative, I think
There’s no cops lurking around
The projects is calm, we know all the emergency exits
I take an old blunt out of my pocket
In order to pass time and to keep me a little warmer
The first client ask for some smoke
And I won the first euro bill of the night
What the fuck am I going to do at school
There’s no place there for me anyways, except in detention
In a week from now, I’m getting my Mercedes
While it’s “yellow card” and “subway” for the others
The night passes, the euro bills multiplies
I know that it’s wrong but I don’t have any other ways to survive
So Jesus Christ, Oh, Just leave me make it out

Chorus :
Oh, before life wasn’t the same back when I was a kid
I loved and respected my parents
When I look at what I’ve become now
I cry about it at night

2nd verse :
My wife left me because of the business that I do
She tells me that she’s scared, to one day, see me get killed
My friends are keeping away from me and ditching me
My family is fading away and don’t even know me anymore
That’s the way it goes seven days a week
And I blow all my money in the club on the week-end
Outlaw, renegade, whether there’s danger or not
No problem, I’ll stay there

I live like a renegade
Everyday, nigga
Dealing, dealing, dealing

I live like a renegade
Everyday, nigga, oh … (X2)



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