Medine – #Faisgafatwa (English lyrics)

Intro :
In science, you have to be able to recognize what you ignore
There’s those who speak the truth, and there’s those who talk loud
Like some would say
We’ll blow in the bronchi of all of those
You might be polyglot, but stay polite

1st Verse :
Alif baa taa thaa, those who just learned how to read can’t be teachers
Khalife in beta mode, those who want to run need to learn how to walk first
Qamis and beard, enough to scare away the Academy of Poitiers
SAlif and Lefa, since you left, this job misses you
Eh, you heard that Medine was in town while listening to my albums
You learned about the din thanks to my team, today you’re saying that we’re clientelistic
That’s like the Mosque spitting on the Sadaka
The Monastery using a black card
You buy books in order to fill up your cupboard
You’re just a Bedouin trying to act like a Sahaba
It’s the feast of the Oummah, my music is destined to the imams of the thugs
To those who speak on the steps at Minbar
As if they were on the building’s hallway
Without insults and without damages, I think that we can all be criticized
I don’t want any of your Sultan Omar’s swag
Like at the Mecca, I don’t want any of their Mac Donald’s
I think you just hooked up your two Nike Air in the praying carpet
Don’t come around recruiting in my hood, this isn’t your nursery
You never assisted to any class and you want to follow the 4 schools of law
Through my voice, you’ll find fate like Cat Stevens

1st Bridge :
Fortunately, I found fate before finding the practitioners
Fortunately, I knew about Islam before I got to know any muslim
Fortunately, I found my way before knowing about the Vatican
Fortunately, We read the Coran before getting to know about these imposters

Chorus :
Be careful, be careful
Be careful, be careful
Look, be careful, be careful
Be careful, be careful

2nd Verse :
Alpha omega, he who wishes to teach me how to read should learn the alphabet
Don’t talk to the medias, if you came here to murder Molière’s language
Arab in slavery mode, I’ll boot you out of your origins
OUsama Badara, I’ll be at your side during your next walk
Eh, only circumcised people, who didn’t only lose their foreskin
Welcome to the sausage parties, nothing but black pudding in the scarfs of the elected candidates
They eat at the big people’s table, these communicants turned communicators
They camp on the TV sets, these TV evangelists turned theologists
Eh, don’t get mad at me, might as well be represented by a bale of hay
Your brothers, you don’t choose them, but if I could I would choose Edgar Morin
Morray, you’re just a collaborator, like Dalil Boubakeur and all of his running mates
Die, amateur orators, who think that the 5D will canonize them
Aparently you signed up for a role in Exhibit B
The every morning, you brush your teeth with dick gloss
If you loose faith, my music will give you a serotonin boost
Because those who make the most noise while falling are empty barrels

2nd Bridge :
Fortunately, I knew about Arab people before knowing about their Presidents
Fortuately, I knew about Black people before knowing about their leaders
Fortunately, I knew about white men , way before knowing about their government
Fortunately, I knew about history before knowing about Fernand Nathan

Chorus :
Be careful, be careful
Be careful, be careful
Look, be careful, be careful
Be careful, be careful

3rd Verse :
A-B-C-D-R-G, this is hardcore rap, this isn’t so called conscious rap
MC BCBG, you’re nothing but a frustrated rapper who’s angry that we’re singing
You’ve got dirty laundry look out; aparently I’m a free macon from the Bige East
You have to leave them annoy themselves, you’re just another blogger trying to be dissident
Eh, préchi-précha, you’re just a shisha bar conspiracy theorist
You bum, you’re worst than Haziza if you share views that co-signs El Assad Bachar
Eh, I don’t get it, are you a purist or a puritan
Cut, cut, cut, cut : they don’t even deserve a verse, cut

Chorus :
Be careful, be careful
Be careful, be careful
Look, be careful, be careful
Be careful, be careful


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