MHD situation update

As you guys already know by now, MHD is currently locked up while awaiting trial for his role in a murder that shocked the whole country.

Back in 2018, a group of men where seen beating down a man that later died from his injuries.

A man, that eye witnesses identified as MHD, was seen taking part in the act and later fleeing the scene.

Back in April, MHD asked for an early release from prison, as he tested positive to covid-19, but the judges rejected his demand.

To his lawyer Eric Dupond Moretti (kind of like the french Benjamin Braffman) biggest surprise. “His release was already planned, there’s no more charges against him”.

His second lawyer Elise Arfi, said that they weren’t going to give up and that they would be filing a second request, asking for the Afro Trap creator to be released.

MHD has been locked up since January 17 2019, at Prison de la santé, and has claimed his innocence from the start.


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