Miły ATZ – Copypaste (English lyrics)


Everyday looks the same.
I get up from the bed and press ”play”.
Everyday looks the same.
It’s just me and my phat bass.

[First verse]
You probably won’t pop in today so I don’t have to worry how I look.
I turn up the volume on my soundsystem.
Lo-fi vibes, not House of Pain.
Yesterday me and my homie smoked some weed.
It made us feel good
and it evaporated like a ghost.
Now I’m groggy and I was supposed
to whip up something to eat.
I guess I’m goin’ to order some food.
Lyrics are still not ready but the delivery guy showed up quick.
Horror of horrors, again I’m in some other world.
Sometimes I’m a philosopher, all the time on Asian diet.
My and my homie are doin’ some 5 o’clock chillin’
and spitting on parliament from 12th floor.
They have me in their sights but I’m not scared
when my words are like bullets and this beat is like wallhack.
Once again a famous rapper got locked up.
Y’all can laugh now but the hood will have the last laugh.




[Second verse]
Occasionally I hear footsteps.
I can’t be stuck in a traffic jam.
My homie tells me that he’s heading to Grochów
to clear his head.
I’m headin’ downtown where lines without arrowheads are guideposts.
I’m making all the cashless payments and the bum in me
is ready to hit the bars.
My head is fucked up and I’m wondering how much I can take.
It looks like it’s goin’ to be crime and punishment again
but don’t even tell me that I’m not trying.
I’m cleaning my room. I’m goin’ to drop a beat,
record a feature or get stoned and we’ll be even.
Don’t call me a grumbler.
I’m creating memories and
even if I’m lazing around the house I’m painting a picture
of you and me in my head. I don’t know if it’s correct.
I could use a fat, leather wallet
but, right now, I can only afford a bottle of vodka.
Once I guzzle it down you look like you’re Italian.
I’m sittin’ here alone and laying vocals on a beat.




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