MMZ – Benef (English lyrics)

1st verse (Lazer) :
I dropped 2-3 bars and got out of poverty, I came too fast, I scratched the bottom of my car
Young rapper in a Pack M, you understand why she loves me now
FMD total, I’m in the theme, far from the stars, I’m killing the game
Having too many homies, causes too much problems, I don’t waste my time, it cost me too much
And me, I wasn’t born rich, my father isn’t Messi, my girlfriend is a Khaleesi
But, me, I love profits, or else I wouldn’t be here
Now you understand, why I do them dirty, why I hurt them
Me, I knew the money from the project buildings before the rap game’s
That’s the reason why I never sell out, totally independant between us, totally independant against you
You want to get inside my head, but you would come back out crazy
Maybe you won’t make it back out, in reality, I don’t care
As long as you’re not talking shit behind my back, on the dope spot, I don’t need you
Next free kick, me, I’ll aim the top bar

2nd verse (Moha) :
You don’t know who I am, here, I’ll give you my life
It’s on the top bar that I kicked the earth
As far as my caracter, I got it all from my father
I’m on a jetski, I’m going around the stilt houses
And at night in a Ferrari, we’re rolling up blunts like in the Caribbean
I learned to nto play nice aymore, or else it’s either death or tchitchi
In reality, you talk shit, you’re trying to test me but hey, I’m showing you that we’re not the same
You hate your life, you want mines but here, I’ll give you my anger
Impressive, my pressure is rising, I’m seeing my hour on the watch
I saw her shadow, I forgot her name, I’m no longer in this world
I’l steal your soul, I’ll give it back to you after, give me back my pain that you took from me
You want my heart, it’s at the top, very well hidden near the gun
And I crack my fingers like when I juts had a fist fight
I like silencing the people who would like to confront me
Young from the projects, I love speed to much
On the A6, my head is sticked to the headrest
My head is sticked to the head rest (X2)

Chorus (Moha) (2X) :
I’m looking at the light on the moon, phone calls on the phone
A stroll on our streets often leads to police custody
Damn, I’m badly parked, they got me
My honey, I’m not high to forget you (never)

MMZ – Benef (English lyrics)


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