MOHA LA SQUALE – Chill (English lyrics)

Intro :
Living is very bad for your health, nothing wears a man out more than living…so, what’s important is the intensity of a life, it’s not the length of a life

Unique verse :
Welcome to my fairy tail, we want to count some euro bills
A cigarette, a blunt wrap and I’ll tell you everything
There’s those who run their mouths and those who count money
Don’t count on anyone, money doesn’t make you a man
There’s those who fight and those who ride dick
At eight years old I held a shotgun
At 13 years old on the dope spot, lactose outfit, pair of NIKE TN
A cold stair, I’m selling drugs to the college kids, I’m out of weed
Around here we don’t give a fuck about the popo, whether in police custody or in jail
I got out, I’m tying my shoe laces, never tired of running
Call the cavalry, I’m running like Cavani
Call the cavalry, I dreamed of robbing a Galeries store, hein
Call the cavalry, call the cavalry, I dreamed of robbing a…
We all dream of having a life of dream, of having a house at Los Patos
I sold out (??), I get chased by the cops
The time that was passing and the fiends that were queuing up
Phone call after phone call, homie I sold drugs to the whole of Paris
I bet you that you saw The Godfather, you think you’re him but you’re not
I never saw you on the dope spot, don’t fabricate yourself a fake life, no one believes you
What did you expect ? You’re in the street here
Grams get sold in broad day light
While you’re crying over a bitch, I’ve got brothers that are getting locked up in prison
I keep my mouth shut in front of the judge
Close the doors, I’m getting condemn
I thought a lot in my jail cell, I dreamed of freedom
I was high, I was wasted but Doom’s always had my back
The letter from Moha that brought joy, the money orders that were getting rare
And the rats that scare you, outside the cops break our balls
They search us they steal from us, thugs in blue suits
I don’t give a fuck about Marine’s vision of France, I’m “beurre au chocolat”
I’m Zyed and Bouna, I’m Lamine from La Banane
Under investigation, my lawyer is at his task
I’ve committed crimes, of course I’m no lying
It’s real, I’m from La Banane, I spent time with my homie
Zoning out all over Paris, slangin that pure shit
Fuck the crocked cops, we end up in jail more than once
A thought for Zozo who got sentenced to years
We sold amnesia, not conscious about the fact that we could get arrested
We wanted to count money while the cops were after us
The police officer can testify, I never snitched on anyone
I’ tired of those fuckers, I’m Algerian, I don’t sell out, ah
I’m tired of those fuckers, tired of those fuckers
I’m Algerian, I don’t sell out

Outro :
La Squale, homie

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