MOHA LA SQUALE – Freestyle Rue Duris (English lyrics)

Intro :
La Squale homie
Live from La Banane
Eh there’s no bendo bendo around here homie, a bendo is a house with fiends inside of it
Around here shit is crazy we sell drugs to the whole of Paris
Eh la Banane

Unique verse :
There’s no bendo, bendo around here, La Squale is walking out the projects
Le four, le marron, la fuite, les dé-con
Things aren’t looking too good, in the streets there’s no hand outs
You show off, the little kids will beat you down, Paris is Compton
You can find Arab bitches, your fiends fall dead in love with them
If things are fucked up, at 6 in the morning it’ll go ding dong (X2)
Ding-dong, ding-dong, the cops came through
You were far from being around, you were zoning out on Paris
I got the drugs in my boxers, at the red light I spot the (??)
I smile at them like a crook, it worked
My trick worked, the cops fell for it (X2)
It’s okay I can leave now, homie La Squale is smiling
I light me up my blunt, (??)
I’m headed towards les Champs, I’m meeting a client there
I’m singing on my way there, I’m happy I’m not mean
But I dream of sticking up a jeweler, me goal is to leave this place
Leave, leave, yeah homie I want to stack money
A flash of alcohol, I dream of buying me a boat
With the Algerian flag on it, I take a toke from the blunt and I smile at you
I’m headed to Paris to sell drugs, I’ve got a rendez vous on Avenue Foch
Shit, homie, the cops are tailing
There’s nothing in my pockets, I didn’t have time sell anything yet
The pigs, homie, they won’t be giving me a break anytime soon
And me, homie, I won’t be quitting anytime soon
La Squale, Rapelite, it seems like an elite sniper
You like to front, me I love pistol whippin’
I cheated in front of my teacher and I lied in front of the cops
I don’t give a fuck about your job, homie fuck the cops
I’m holding the steering wheel, I won’t be letting go of it anytime soon
Leave the mic, homie, I’m starving
I sell coco, the withe boys pay well
He payed the tab, La Sauel doesn’t have any homie (X2)
Voila, that swas La Squale, la Squale, La Banane

La Banane for Rpaelite

MOHA LA SQUALE – Freestyle Rue Duris

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