MOHA LA SQUALE – Fumier (English lyrics)

Intro :
A man that is never afraid is not a man. The most important thing is to challenge your fear

Unique verse :
I’m lighting me up my blunt, my homie is opening a bottle of Clicquot
I stole your girl, homie, I stole her phone number
You wanna smoke me, you’re calling me a scumbag
But the scumbag fucked him over, homie I was high off weed
Dressed in Lacoste, La Squale, I’m starving
4 coups, dodo, j’me réveille, pé-pom (??)
4 coups, dodo, j’me réveille, pé-pom (??)
You’ve struggled and struggled in order to get her to undress
Me and my homie passed her over to each other
La Squale, I’m slangin’, not afraid
The cops give me the time and you’re afraid of making money
Money, money, homie I want to make money
I told you back in “du sale”, homie I wanna do nothing but dirt
There’s not a thousand solutions homie, jackal I’m collecting my profits
There’s no going backwards if you lower the visor
In order to make sure that they get you around here they aim for your jaw
There’s a lot of liars, the most of them are funny
These jokers run after coke
La Squale is up at Concorde serving the bums
Homie, homie let me take a toke on the blunt
The little kids will rip you r chain off like at Sao Paulo
Two guys in the Polo, 10 kilos in the trunk
Check the rear view, the cops are behind us
To sum up the situation there’s an under cover police car
4 white guys, this doesn’t look good
They’re looking at me weirdly, I’m keeping an eye on them
In the glove box, I even have a gat
In the middle of Paris, I’m stressing
My heart is beating, my body isn’t shaking
We’re not even looking at them, jackal we’re not moving
Ok that’s it’s, homie the cops are leaving (X2)
The tension goes down and me I’m cracking open my Fanta
I’m not bullshitting, I’m down for action
No kidding I was sweating, I’m taking off my polo
I far from the pigs, far from getting busted
By the way they don’t ring when they come to bust you at your house
They bust you while you’re in bed at night
They put you in handcuffs without you even knowing what’s going on
You’re in the slammers but you understand what you’ve done
Your cell mate is weird, he’s starting to stray away from the facts
We’re thieves, we hate rapists
With Doom’s from Rue Nantes, hein we did dirt
I remember this asshole, homie I can’t forget him
I can’t forget him, homie I can’t forget him
My homie So from la Roquette send me over the lasso
Ça remonte sa pe-sa, c’était un ensemble de ris-Pa (??)

MOHA LA SQUALE – Fumier (English lyrics)

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