MOHA LA SQUALE – J’aimerais Bien ( English lyrics)

Intro :
The hardest part, for a man that lives in Vilvorde and would love to go live at Hong Kong, it’s leaving Vilvorde. That’s the hard part, that’s the hard part…
Because after Hong Kong things can arrange themselves

Unique verse :
I would love to talk to you about la Squale, about La Squale and his mother
About the caddie, about his flying kite, I was cute I wasn’t a thief
I grew up, and I went out to rob, I’m starting to take control over things
I’m done selling drugs, I’m done (??), I’m laughing hard with Zozo
Tears, screams with Bendero, me and Chemsou we got chased by the cops
Both of us with blunts in our mouths, we made a killing on Paris
We keep our mouth shut in front of the police officer, we look suspicious
I’m telling it to you from the start, the police officers know what I’m about, the lawyers too
I went from being under investigation to investigation, I was all little, I wanted money
I wanted to make ends meet, I wanted to be less hungry, I wanted to be less cold
In prison I would smoke that wack shit, smoke drunk off whiski, I’m killing my liver
I want to kill the airwaves, homie I want Bendero to blow
My phone is ringing, it’s for some coke, it’s in order for me to buy some Lacoste clothes
Asshole, I’m not retarded, no one is gonna rob me
I’m a shark, I’m from la banane, your lies are tiresome
I won’t sign the deal, the only money order I got, where from my mother
The only one who fights, the only one that’s hurting and my friends are dishonest
I’m on the phone with Zozo, he’s over there like the two others
If you don’t have any balls, you’re not gonna make it if you don’t have any friends, homie it’s not a problem
The three guys that I’m talking to you about, they are brave, I come from the street, I had it hard
It damages you, it’s makes you paranoid, this one homie is for Boulgo
Who hot sentenced to 6 years, you’ll ask can ask them what they think about friends
I’m seeing Tito again, I hustle for him, I seeing Rambo again cutting up the hash
I’m seeing my own self again selling weed, I’m seeing my own self all alone in my jail cell
I’m seeing the zero on my account again, everything is changing now, yeah I dared to make them
Now La Squale wants to eat, I already told you that I would go
I’m on the road homie, I’m not hitchhiking, homie I’m sweating
Nothing is sure in the future and that thing is for sure is that I’m all alone
And Pancani plans on doing dirt

Outro :
La Squale homie
And Pancani plans on doing dirt

MOHA LA SQUALE – J’aimerais Bien (English lyrics)

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