MOHA LA SQUALE – M’appelle pas mon frérot (English lyrics)

Intro :
There’s time when it’s better to be honest with people than to trying to make people happy, I think
(homie, don’t call my “my brother”)
At the end of the day there’s only one person to whom it’s important whether I’m honest or not, and that’s me.
And honesty is something that…my honesty is something that I care about. I’m not saying that it’s pleasant, but it’s not the end of the world. That’s the way it is

Verse :
Homie homie, don’t call me “my brother”
Flash of Vodka, tonight he’s the one blabbering
He’s talking about your friend, the one who screwed you over
The cops, the handcuffs, the money, the big notes
(??), the police custody, the sheets that never get washed
We’re from the streets, homie we had it hard
You can ask the brothers, homie, things are straight back where we’re from
I’m probably paranoid, homie I’m always ready
Viva l’Algeria and I’ll start screaming
Homie homie, la squale is drunk off vodka
homie homie, let me smoke the blunt
In order for me to tell my story, the one that inspires thrillers
There’s nothing but jailbirds among us, wolfs and cheetas
There’s even bitches that are armed with guns
They’re not scary, homie they never fire shots
They’re only good at screaming, you smack them, and the problems solved
You stick them up, they hand you an envelop loaded with cash
Homie homie, sad is the reality
Like your homie’s, the one who snitched on you
Or that bitch, the one they ran a train on
Yeah homie homie, sad is the reality
Like your homie’s, the one who snitched on you
Or that bitch’s, the one they ran a train on
ran a train, ran a train on, homie the tide will turn
La Squale wants to eat, homie la squale wants to blow
Get the Dom Pé popping, the bottle that we just stole
Let me fly away, homie I dreamed so much about it
Dreamed, dreamed, I dreamed about making a million
I woke up, I didn’t even have a cent
I turned in circles in search of a solution
Kind of like Panka, homie I going to war all alone
I’m not afraid of standing up, even as a kid I use to fight
I’m crumbling the hash, I’m serving the crowd that passes by
An anonymous phone call and you’ll end up at Fleury
Smoed out, I’m all alone and I’m gonna kill them all alone
I handle my business, homie handle your own problems
La squale only has one brother, I’m sorry if you don’t like me
I’m biting my share of the cake and I’m listening to all those liars
We know about the street, the police officers already know
La Squale, la zetla, Panka, the Beretta
Stop messing around, homie I don’t care about your friends
I don’t care about your allies, homie I don’t give a fuck to know whether you’re armed or not
We’re gonna have fun, who will have to balls to stand their ground
These two broken families and those wasted years ?
I’m done rolling up the blunt homie, I’m pressing on the lighter
I speak about the past a lot, I think about the future a lot
As far as the present goes it’s the street, for the time being I’m selling pure

Outro :
La Squale, homie
For my real homies, my rotten ones, welcome to Paris
La Squale

MOHA LA SQUALE – M’appelle pas mon frérot (English lyrics)

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