MOHA LA SQUALE – Midi Minuit (English lyrics)

Intro :
A man who isn’t tender, is not a man. A hard man doesn’t exist. A man who doesn’t cry, doesn’t exist.

1st verse :
Yeah asshole, you already saw me late at night
I don’t have any homies, I walk around with my blunt
Big homies from where you live got shot up
The little kids where I live hustle on your dope spot
From noon to midnight, they hustle under the rain
The cops take your pictures from the rooftops
You’re not aware of it but they’ve got you on a watch list
They love hanging your face on the wall at the police station
You weren’t at home at six A.M
They were disappointed but not for long
Yeah at Ménilmontant they arrested you (X2)
I’m (??) my blunt, I know that they’ve got me on a watch list
That doesn’t mean that things are fucked up
As the under cover police car passes by, the look out boy screams “pu”
In case of any police raid, there’s zero security
My security are my legs and my crew
J’fais bander mon stunt, his dick gets hard when he stop and frisk me
He’s searching in the grass in search of my skunk
There’s some big homies that lost their minds
We’re not in a movie, they got the taste of lead
Most of their homies got shot up
It was just another day when they died under the bullets
Don’t bullshit us, we get locked up at Fleury
The flower faded since my thirteen birthday
Back where I come from they fire shots on the dope spot at thirteen years old
The little kids want to count stacks, the fiends pay in cash
Time is running, the cops just keep patrolling
The brothers are forcing through at the border
Pedal to the metal, we try to avoid getting locked up
They’re pissed off, the kilos got smuggled
The car is German, they got left behind
The cat lost, the mouse won
We hustle from noon to midnight, the fiends love that
The good weed comes from Keta’, the pure shit comes from Columbia
Fake Columbians drunk off alcohol, it’s not a pretty sight
A bunch of lame guys who think they’re Pablo
We’re far from Narcos but we’re real close to the ghetto
Real close to the homie that is ready to murk you
Over some hash or over pussy
We work hard when the phone just keeps ringing
You’ll find us at Porte de Maillot, we had to
Whether it’s rainy or sunny we serve the fiends (X2)

Bridge x2
Shoot, shoot, look at them run away
Come through, come through, look at them run away
The kids are firing shots at you because you’re a little bastard
I said the kids are firing shots at you because you’re a bastard

2nd verse :
We don’t pretend, I’m not saying that I’m the bloody type
But when I’m headed to your mother, I don’t forget my gloves
Armed like a gypsy, you paid the price
We’re hungry, a gourmet taste
The hyenas want to rise, we learned how to fall
This is the streets, it’s real, I’m talking to you about my brother at Fresnes
I’m talkign to you about me at Fleury, the bowl, the worries
My mother is sleepless, daddy isn’t around
It’s no problem anyways, mama will handle everything
She wore the pants, she’s the man of the house
I’m talking to you about an era when I slept with my teddy bear
Now I don’t sleep when things aren’t going good at home
From noon to midnight, we hustle under the rain
I think you understood now, you understood (X2)

MOHA LA SQUALE – Midi Minuit (English lyrics)

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