MOHA LA SQUALE – Pas comme eux (English lyrics)

Intro :
It comes a time in life when you say to yourself : the things that I want to say aren’t essential. I’m not saying that I’ve never said anything essential, that’s not my point. But it’s not a precise necessity. And you have to shut up. it’s moral honesty

Unique verse :
We don’t live like them
I came a long way, I had nothing
Everything started out in Paris
The story of a young Algerian
A young Algerian who often stumbled in life
The arrest warrants, the bowl, the (??), the release day
With elegance, he always got back up
It’s only in front of his mother that he swallows his pride
I don’t have any rivals, you’re taking a dump, you’re a local
I don’t stop, I’m like a river
Don’t be surprised, I’m a headache
I wouldn’t say that I’m clever but homie, I’m stubborn
I held the gun, crazy style, blunt in my mouth
They stop running their mouth, there’s no more beef
Check out the class, Bendero
Don’t say that you sell kilos
That your heroin comes from California
Your C class, is a C-lo
Ton bi-go, il est froissé (??)
And you’re frowning your eyebrows
You’re frowning your eyebrows but you won’t do a thing, you coward
This is La Squale, there’s no coincidence
I’m fucking things up on the charts
I’ve been grimey since the start
I want whores, I want the stash
I worked hard for nothing
Now, I have my own business
No one gave me any hand outs
I bet you that they’re jealous
Because I have good quality shit, no bad quality shit
This is real, it’s my life
In front of the judge, I don’t see anything
It wasn’t me, it’s the streets
And I fell in this street
Since I was in my crib the streets rocked me
The gray walls, are depressing
All over in police custody, there’s my name written
You’re weird, you act like a child
Over stupid shit, you start to act crazy
Stop bullshitting
I swear, I’m gonna hit you
Your girlfriend dumped you because you’re a bullshitter
Homie, she’s not wrong, you pretend to be a boss, you’re nothing but a faggot
The little kids in the projects look at you as a bitch
La Squale at 13 years old, was doing dirt high off that good shit
I don’t take any break, don’t ask me any question
Some hash, some skunk
I sliced up kilos
I never pleaded guilty, took hard blows
And your friend is a snitch, you were hanging out with a snitch
The cops dealt with him
I’m being fair with you, This isn’t a joke
You friend betrayed you, that’s something you don’t do
A rat is a rat
La Squale, is not a scumbag
I took some beatings
They were way hotter tan a raclette
I didn’t use to go to your parties
You knew that I was celebrating my birthday
Keep your lies to yourself, the kid has grown up
He can handle the mini
He fucks Tony’s mother

Bridge 2X :
He can handle the mini
This kid is crazy
La Squale, Bendero
22 weeks, we’re not slowing down
24 tracks in 5 months
Things were shitty, I can’t believe it
Mom, don’t worry, I’m stronger than daddy

[Outro :
Grimey, we fucked shit up, grimey
Mom, don’t worry I’m stronger than daddy, wallah
Grimey, homie
That jerk left but you’ll get you villa
Stubborn like Tartuffe, I was all alone, me and my blunt
Me and this think full look on my face
WHo would have thought ? Who would have said so ?
I believed, let’s go
Now I gonna smoke Tony
Yeah, homie
See you next Sunday fam’
La Squale
Thanks to all

MOHA LA SQUALE – Pas comme eux (English lyrics)

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