MOHA LA SQUALE – Pas de hasard (English lyrics)

Intro :
People die from not being able to do the turn of the world whenever they want and they justify it with the false excuses of having obligations. And if he stays, well that means that he really doesn’t want it

Verse :
I’ve got a cigarette, some blunt wraps and some brown hash, I’m off to shoot a video clip at Manaro-ro
This ain’t the godfather, this is Bendero, it’s real, it’s not a movie
Don’t try to rub shoulders with me, I’m gonna crush you, stop trying to act tough
La Squale, go fuck yourself, 420 is my only associate
I was all alone homie
Today they all want to partner up with me
Homie, I’m not a fool
I’m Algerian, very far from being dumb
Stop fucking around, homie stop trying to flatter me
Vancani is gonna do dirt or Nael is gonna make them turn pale
La Squale, La Squale is cooking up something crazy
I’m independent, I’m the one rapping, I’m the one rapping on the instrumental
They’re bitches and they brag about it, I’m a real guy and they can feel it
Homie, I’m raw and they know it, this time it wasn’t too bad
But this was the last time, the last time that we’ll see each other
The last time we meet, you’re a liar homie
You’re a snitch homie, it breaks my heart but that’s okay
That’ll teach you to keep your mouth shut, my whole life have been nothing but lawyers
The pavement, I’m not happy
My mother wasn’t a coward
But thank God, I don’t plan on sleeping
I plan on eating so much I’ll lose weight
Bendero is gonna weaken them and Mister Snow wants his professional high school degree
He didn’t show up for the robbery, he’s not bandolero
The rest is coming be patient, the same way people are patient in jail
The same way I’m patient waiting for the verdict, remember, remember
Yeah, Moha remember, the prison plate, no money orders
And for a piece of hash they avoid you, he’s hesitating because of his bitch
This is real, this is the truth, I told you that I would be all alone homie
The same way that I used to be, the same way I’ll be in the future, I’ve been pissed off since the baby crib
I’m very curious, homie I’m starving
I don’t just want one slice of the pie
Homie, I want to be able to spoil my nephew
He’s a real guy, he makes me happy
He’s cute, he’s a winner, a real Dziri, not a harki
I’m from Paris, I’m from la Banane, I’m from that part of town where they screwed you over
The street the real one, don’t get distracted, you’ll get stabbed up, we’ll leave you with wounds
They fire shots for real, your prison sentence will be real
You’ve got a heartache and that cunt, asshole, I’m not the lucky type
La Squale just happens to be, the rats, the drugs, jail
The drugs, the whores, the brawls, the traitors, the fake friends, the bastards
Bendero, the slammers, this is La Squalen there’s no coincidence

MOHA LA SQUALE – Pas de hasard

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