Moha La Squale – Pour la dernière (English lyrics)

Intro : “I never know what to wish people, I thing there’s one essential thing : I don’t like war, so I would really love for there to be peace, all over in the world. It’s simple, hein ? Matter fact I think that’s the only thing for which we can’t do much about”

Verse :
Tonight, my jackal, it’s the 31st
Everyone is getting drunk, get your kidneys ready
If you’ve got yourself a queen, do things the right way
There’s some beers, champagne
There’s music, go talk to her
Don’t mess up, she’ll fall for you
I’m wearing my croc’, it’s the end of the year
I’m nostalgic, I’ll get there
I’m thinking back on the new comer jail unit
The hard bread, the prison guards
It’s the 31st and I’m savoring it
Back when I was a kid, it’s back in the dope that I used do it
Addicted to foul plays
I would drive the judge crazy
But I kept doing my thing, I never gave up
By the way, Moha, is not a coward
Just like the (??), I like operating
La Squale marked this year
La Squale was born on the 23rd of July
I swear, homie, he wasn’t prepared
If you had told it to me, I wouldn’t have believed you
I wasn’t even presentable
It’s the 31st, I’m ruining my kidneys
2018, I plan on making a killing
Pancani, smoking like a Pétou
It’s a party, every one is complimenting each other
A lot of them are acting fake
(???), go have fun
Me, I’ve got my money on Bendero
The album is soon dropping
Luna is prolonging her mandate
Even in deep shit, you’ll never see her begging
Don’t tell me that she’s a bitch
She’s the only one that believed and keeps believing in me
She has guts, she doesn’t show off much
She’s proud of Bendero
Of that little bandit that scares people
He’s making the rap game sulk
Confident like a buddist
The police officers are after him all throughout the year
Fuck your PGP
Me, I understood that you where acting like a OG
Whereas in front (??), you’re (??)
My ascension never happenened
Yet, I don’t use any elevator
Jackal, this time, is the last one
The last sunday
The day of the last year
24 weeks have passed
I dropped 26 tracks
Let’s see, look at all these fake thugs
Only good at making words rhyme
You can very well see that I shocked them
The street, the real one, comes from out of my teeth
Jackal, don’t drink too much
On the piano, I’m crashing into Sosa
The secret to my success ?
Don’t dick ride anyone, and all alone, I’ll do it
I’m aiming for all of their wallets
I’m driving them crazy, it’s a saga
I’m on my way, I’m starving
2017, is the past
Me, this year, I won’t forget
From “Rue Duris” to “j’m’arrête plus”
I’ve come a long way since Fleury
Today, mom is smiling
I would kill to see her smile
when she hugs me she’s happy
Mom, it’s over
The fridge will no longer fade

Chorus (x2) :
Tonight, I’m saying thank you to all of you
Me who used to sell drugs on Avenue Marceau
2018, I want my share of the cake
The album is on it’s way, they’ll shake
Don’t shake my hand
I’ll be all alone bro
Have a good night
It’s the 31st, don’t harass me
Just let me wish it to my mother

Outro :
It’s the 31, don’t harass me
Let me wish it to my mother
See you later
Thanks for everything, I didn’t know what to say to you
It’s crazy
Aight, we made a killing fam’, thanks to you
In 5 months, I swear on the Coran that we made a killing in the rap game

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