MOHA LA SQUALE – Qui vivra Verra (English lyrics)

Intro :
Every humiliation that slaps you in the face, it’s because you’ve done a certain amount of stupid shit. What is an humiliation ?
It’s a moment when you fumble, when you get a smack to the face…
either from life or from someone…It’s because you did something wrong, the things that you did right, weren’t done good enough.

Unique verse :
Time will tell and those who survive will pay
La Squale is paranoid, I only trust Bendero
I know how to (??), I’ve seen “Goodfellas”
Just like Luna I’m a problem, and I worry about the future
For the time being I’m in the streets, I slang that pure shit on rue Pigalle
I spit bars and they’re grimey
Her Gringo is calling her, I swear you’re pitiful
A bitch give birth to puppies and sleeps with a dog
You’re not gonna screw us over, you’re not gonna punk us
And to be honest I’ve been armed since I was a kid
The real truth is that I don’t plan on stopping
There’s no perfect middle, I want to make it to a milli
There’s no sub profession, I sold drugs like a madman
I was always ready, always loaded on Paris
You never did anything, you just saw “The Godfather” too many times
No one gives me any hand outs, they dream of slowing me down
Stop it you’re annoying, on the dope spot I’m fading
Homie it’ not funny, the arrest warrant, the jail cell
La Squale just arrived and I plan on throwing them over board
I take my hat off to Pancani he’s gonna hurt you
The streets are tiring, a snitch, a lieutenant
Indirectly you’re already in for two years
Friendship is beautiful, they betray you with no mercy
Without any help and without a cent, Moha is gonna make it
His lawyer is court appointed, he’ve comited a few crimes
He’s not the delicate type homie, he like to brawl
And me with women but I’m heartless
On the checkerboard, homie I’m advancing and I’m announcing a check mate
Look at all those liars that are talking about selling coco
Yeah under the palm trees, La Squale wants his villa there
I’m a hell of a vilain, you can say that I’m being witty
Stop it you’re cute, Mister Youg is gonna pistol whip you
We’ve got what is needed to make them panic back at the house
You won’t see me bending over today
Are you dumb or dumb ? Yeah knock it off, I’m gonna hit you
My passport is green, I’m hot headed, I’m a worry
I’m not afraid of height, I want to climb all the way up to the top
I’m not there yet, I’m telling it to you guys in all modesty
You know I have very few friends, yeah I’ve got very few friends
And I’ll get the Cliquot poppin’ when Zozo will get out

MOHA LA SQUALE – Qui vivra verra (English lyrics)

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