MOHA LA SQUALE – Tout seul (English lyrics)

Intro :
“talent doesn’t exist, talent is having the desire to do things”
La Squale, on my own
On my own, homie

Unique verse :
I was all alone homie
And all I’ll remain all alone homie
I was all alone homie when I was sitting in court
My mother and my sisters were all alone to see me go to jail
My brother is all alone ever since he got sentenced to twelve years
I’m all alone when I go crazy whenever I look his son in the eyes
He’s 2 years old, he’s a fighter, he loved hugging his father
His father is on the run, don’t worry your uncle is gonna handle things
The same way he always did for me
The same way he always did for me
I was all alone one night
That night homie they robbed me
Jackal that wasn’t no joke
When I was having flashbacks of my life
Alone in front of the canon
I’m talking to you about the cold and the shivering
Bendero, bendero, just like him I was all alone in my jail cell
Zero on my bank account
Just like him I was staring at the moon
Just like him I’m moody
Just like him, I don’t like to joke around
My life isn’t funny anyways
The cliff is endless
I didn’t do my last year of high school
But believe me that they turn pale
Believe me that they turn pale
When La Squale starts to quote William
The past is the past, bu the past is the past
No more occasions, let me through
Fleury Florent, I did both
By the way this is my second year
The little arab kid shocked them
I’m shocking
I’m Algerian
I’m a conqueror
Homie, I started out from nothing
Since I was a kid I’ve been on the dope spot
And my first fan homie, was my joint
My number one, well it’s my mother
I can’t describe her to you
Really, I can’t
I would have to invent a word for that

Outro :
All alone homie
La Squale
Stay tune brothers
And sisters too, for the sisters
If there’s any of them

MOHA LA SQUALE – Tout seul (English lyrics)

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