MOHA LA SQUALE’s brutal arrest (shocking video)

A couple days ago, a crazy video appeared online of french rapper Moha la squale being brutally arrested by 3 cops.

The reason for his arrest was uncertain at first, but things are finally starting to clear up.

According to Le Parisien he was arrested in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

This is how it all went down.

Apparently there was an arrest warrant for him, due to a refusal to comply.

On the day of the arrest, Friday 19th, during a traffick search, the cops recognized him, saw that there was an arrest warrent for him and tried to arrest him, that’s when he allegedly ran out his car and tried to run away.

The cops eventually caugth him and handcuffed him. It took 3 of them 😂💪🏽.

He was later placed in police custody, and was heared by a judge on Saturday.

Why was there an arrest warrant in the first place ? According to the same source, for wheeling his bike in the street a few days back, during which a little girl was almost injured.

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