MRC – J’suis désolé (English lyrics)

1st verse :
You trusted your homies
My mother told me “stay on your own”
I’m thinking back on my homies that left too soon
I’m saying to myself that I can die at any hour
All they do is dirty my name, even when I’m doing my ablutions
I lost but I’m not a loser
Yeah, leave me alone, I’m better off solo
All of your friends talk to you for money
A lot of them talk down on you when you’re not around
I would like for my mom to make a million
I can see the misery, evil on a stroll
No one talks to me whenever I fall
I never have time to see my family
They’re the only person on earth that co-signed me
I’m keeping away from everybody, from the fake friends
Even your best friends will try to stop you

Chorus (x2) :
Sorry, sorry, sorry mama, if I hurt you
Sorry, sorry, sorry baba, if I hurt you
I’m sorry my homies, I’ve got nothing but scars
I’m sorry, I’m on the wrong path, I’m caught up in a catastrophe

2nd verse :
The streets hurt me, homie
The misery only says salaam to us
We’re on the low, we only want the money
There’s an abundance of fake guys
I try to act hard, but my heart is torn
I’m not alone I feel wrecked
On earth, the sheitan is the captain
It’s shitty, we work for the (???)
For years I’ve been dodging nothing but blows
I already said it, I’m hated like Balo
We try to act hard, but brother, we’re hurt
I wanted the dough I worked until the sunrise
I’m waiting on the right hour, I want the money for my fam’
Since little, I was always paranoid
I never dick rided anyone, I’m alone and I’m advancing
They’ll only love me when I’ll be dead

Chorus x2

Bridge :
They like you when it’s too late
There’s no one around when you’re in trouble
I avoid liars, the bla blas
There was no one around when I was on the floor
Tons of sins
We all made mistakes
Too much illegal stuff, you’re sick of it
You’ll leave quickly when your time will come


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