Murzyn ZDR – Otoczenie przykład dało (English lyrics)

26-600, underground resistance movement.

[First verse]
Chicks, gold, burglaries, fruitful lootings.
Life as shorty.
Environment set a bad example.
Slowly and for a reason.
Do whatever it takes.
Fuck ups, brawls, he could have end up six feet under.
He’s one of the few who have no fear.
One of the few who had no choice.
Didn’t have much himself but he would share things with others.
Streets fed him, “time bomb” is ticking.
Youngin’ took what he needed.
Sometimes he would let his guard down and get his ass whooped.
Victim of a physical abuse.
He would go through skips, one day I’m gon’ spit about it.
I will kill and die for my principles.
That’s the fruit of my experience, that’s how life schools you.
It’s hard to make something out of your life if you grew up in a jungle.

[Second verse]
Tension is building up, these are the young rebels.
It’s hell on earth. They’re the unwanted, not liked ones.
It won’t get any better, get it into your head.
Vultures are tearing up the carcass and sharpening their knives.
I’ll trip you up if you stand in my way.
No one’s guiding him.
There’s nothing in the streets for a kid, except pain and hunger.
He’s lookin’ for a father figure, tears are streaming down his cheeks for no reason.
He was waitin’ for a day that would change his life for better.
He took all the hurt on the chin.
He was relying on his cunning.
Sometimes he would suffer humiliation, now he’s contemplating getting even.
He feels that he’s going to flare up in anger and make them all pay.
He’s a beggar, a thief, drug user and a dropout.
He’s not someone you have high hopes for.
He didn’t have any role models so you shouldn’t be suprised.
He’s on the skids, he has fallen out of the frying pan into the fire.

[Third verse]
Becoming an adult is a hard nut to crack for him.
He’s goin’ into the unknown.
It’s another chapter of the story about the son of the streets,
indifferent to someone else’s hurt.
Judge gets up and shouts ” Guilty!”
First stage – career.
He will succeed and blaze a trail.
Now he’s bursting with pride and is well respected too.
Outside the prison walls he had his ups and downs.
Sometimes he was giving orders and sometimes he was following them.
Eventually peace was disturbed due to inner problems.
He was poking his nose into other people’s business.
He looked for problems where there were none.
He died of curiosity (figuratively speaking)
The cat’s out of the bag, he didn’t repress his anger.
Rumor has it that screws (prison guards) intervened.
What a strange coincidence!
They found what they’ve been lookin’ for.
People were shocked.
Victim became the torturer.
“One day I’m gon’ fuckin’ change” that’s what he kept telling himself.

a) Original text: Maniury, blity, włamy, tłuste pecyny.
” Chicks, gold, burglaries, fruitful lootings.”
I’m not hundred percent sure if I got that one right.
Blit (singular) means ‘gold ‘ in slang.
‘Pecyna’ can mean different things, such as: ” spliff” or ”fence” (prison slang)
and the adjective “tłuste” (colloquial Polish) means “phat/dope/tight” so it
can mean ‘a big ass blunt’ or ‘fruitful looting’. Since he mentions burglaries
and gold (probably chains snatched from someone’s neck) I chose this variant.
b) Original text: Zmierzy się z tym i zdobędzie, szlaki będzie przedzierał
English translation: “He will succeed and blaze a trail.”
‘Przecierać szlaki’ can mean both ‘to blaze a trail’ or ‘smooth/pave the way for
c) Original text: “Rzadki zbieg okoliczności, ponoć wciągła się atanda”.
English translation: “Screws intervened, strange coincidence!”
I came across two definitions of ‘atanda’ (prison slang)
It’s a special task group (of prison guards) that, for instance:
– quashes the prison riots
– search the (prison) cells

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