N.O.S (PNL) – Introspection (English lyrics)

Intro :
Yeah, N.O.S, yeah
There’s no frontin’
Hm, there’s no frontin’, go ahead and have a toast with me
Toast with me, I didn’t say sell me

1st verse :
There’s no frontin’, go ahead and have a toast with me
Toast with me, I didn’t say sell me
I’ve been detailling since I was young because we don’t give a fuck about the assedics
Homie, I understood that those who eat are the ones that don’t give up
There’s those who slang kilos, there’s those who suck dicks
You pull a spine out from my foot, I’ve still got many spines left
How should I tell my sons, that theses girls love big money and Louis Vuitton
May god preserve the good people, the others go fuck your sisters
You’re hot but no one plays me for a fool, sweet heart
The money burns our fingers, the flames of hell will burn the rest
I’m selling enough to drug the whole town before the end of the arress’ (??)
Homie, I prayed to the sky, just like you I didn’t hear anything
I was young and thirsty, it’s a kilo that I was handed
If you don’t know my name, ask your bitch
It’s by selling this shit that we ended up smoking
Se likes cash and sex, an ass for a green euro bill
People are lost, like an imigrants who votes FN
I don’t need anyone, especially not guys who walk in high heels
Around here, it’s not by giving a hand that you’ll get a long reach
A girl is like a fiend, she goes from building hallway, to building hallway
A cop is like a fiend, he can make you go to jail
I won’t fuck the justice system without the presence of my condom
I gave a lot of blows, I never screwed anyone over
We smoke that good shit, it’s not the same addiction
There’s nothing free because even after life we pay the tab
We eat haram, we cut hash were our mothers cook
There’s those who go to the table, yeah, the snitches cook
Everyone believes he’s the boss, everyone at their own level
There’s those who play checkers, those who play chess
I don’t listen to the stories of a guy who holds his book upside down
And if I die in Paris, I’ll live again in hell
In prison, there’s a lot of elementary school students, the judge eats pre-school students
We’ll stop being depressed, after we die
You left your girl for another one that left her guy for you
A dog that bites will do it again, he’ll fuck your finger up again
I don’t forget to kiss my loved ones, as long as god allows me to
I don’t forget to speak up before I end up locked up
I got sick of people, so, naturaly, I don’t attach anymore
No more fights, we shoot at each other, people don’t hide anymore
I can’t guide you, I’m not on the right path myself
Walking alone, like an un-protected president
The jealous ones tighten up their belts, soon from now I’ll un-tighten the Gucci
Solo in the futur, just me and my candle
We hurt our heads all alone, we sell hash all alone
And we’re above the laws, the penal code is under ground
At 15 years old I knew the judge, I didn’t know “LOL”
You must not mistake giving up your ass, with giving your word
Que pasa lady, a ghetto youth flourished, in the ghetto youth you flourished
N.O.S in the rhyme
I don’t believe in women, and I believe in men even less
They have changes of heart like a salute salam shalom
A guy who doesn’t know how to roll, can’t roll by himself
You want to speak to us, come over to Corbeil 91 Essonne
I just smoked the last joint, on the last kilo
I’ve got more degrees than the police comissioner, rap text in philosophy
Come over to see me if you’re trust worthy, you’ll get a credit
Ask around, we know how to shoot, so don’t try to put me in a coma
I look at the streets like a jungle, homie I’m selling out the green
When you’re holding, you mind your own business
Thousand of euros for the fam’, ask Tarik
Homie, I feel different, like a machine
I admit, I’m being childish, my two fingers in the hand bag
They didn’t give me any hand, because I’m too far
Bronchitis, a lump in my throat
All our dreams sank, throw out life jackets for them
We crush our feelings the same way we would crush a cockroach
We fire at our ennemies the same way we would take a toke, hein
Homie, with a fat plan you can follow the right path
Covered with band-aids, I speak the truth and you lie
On the dope spot down to earth, you won’t be able to say to me “go ahead jump”
I used to say that it wasn’t for me, I got cauhgt just like the others
If only the cops knew what we did , in my fucked up street
Outside inside we bleed, fucking fucked up stare
It’s for my suffering, my delinquency, you don’t get it you’re dumb
You can get yourself killed for opening your mouth, don’t pump up your chest
Light up a judge’s wick for the brothers that are burned
I make a killing in the streets, my hash bubbled so much
We don’t know debts, and if we get “click clack-ed” we don’t know the faces
This is worth thousands of views, I don’t give a fuck about the comments
I’m providing for the fam’, before they burry me


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