NEFASTE – Alcool, Shit et maux de tête (English lyrics)


Give me the slim paper, the cigarette, I pack it down quickly [the joint], « shit » [slang for hash] killing my brain

I got things to say, even more to do, it’s critical
Life is only amusing us only 4 or 5 glasses [of alcohol]
We insult each other « hey what do you want ? » we get on each other in parties
But when it’s time to pay for your mistakes you want to bargain ?

I expose my setbacks
I’m hurt, my heart is reflecting it but my suffering is my revenge against myself
We move away from esperation, high in a sport coupe
If a cop is doing his show [showing that he have the power and stuff], we are too high to be under its command.
You know, same stories repeating themselves
High, you maybe forget but on alcohol you smile foolishly
I’m feeling good only in my Nikes OK
When it’s raining drama, your parka coat is not waterproof
Addict [or under influence], blocked all night in a nightmare, how to flee away when life makes you stumble ?
Seeing relatives going away [passing away] is my anxiety’s reflection
One more empty zipbag, in Paris, I have years of « anchienneté » [pun between « ancienneté » = seniority and « être en chien (be a dog) » = only looking for basic needs : sex and money]

I « khemen » [algerian arabic for thinking] only when I’m clean
I’m good when I’m dead [under influence], well, I know that I’m fucked
A dirty [bad] tag sticking to my skin
My worries fade away after my left collage [sticking two small rolling paper together, obvously on the left side for him]

All our sins are at our expense, and I have sheitan [arabic for devil] on my heels
It’s hard, we slash each other for high heels bro
They are acting like prostitutes to make you spit Euros « bitch ! »
Swallow your foundation to hide your defaults
We only think to fill our pockets eh ! A bad habit
For alcohol, it’s not pretty, we must make money before next summer
We « morfle » [slang for suffer, going through many stuff], nobody is opening Morphee’s arms to us
Hash in the guise of morphin, scars in the guise of trophy
We recover [pick up] as we can, we mistrust the blue men [police]
Bro, we are too proud we no longer know how to cry
No need to lure ourselves, we go out to do nothing
We are all outside but for real it’s the street that lock us in
We must do better, seriously, to hope is to die slowly
We let them fool us, all prisoners of the spliff [joint], the devil in command, you are looking to find the sticky side [of the rolling paper], you swear on Mecca but swim « à contre-Coran » [pun between « nager à contre-conrant » = swim against the tide and « Coran » = Quran]

A smoke cloud coutain myself / things are not going well when I wake up / don’t worry tomorrow I give up [on drugs] / there are many evenings where I hesitate between staying clean and drinking

[Verse 3]
Too much questions going around me my head is spinning
Why do I have to drink to forget all those shitty days
When I’m drunk I smile to death whereas I think I revive
When summer is coming, cross-motorbike track is in the city-center
Growing up fast among scavengers
But I escape the vice to not end up like Sarouman
We are beeing mishandle, grieve does’nt talk but shines in the faces
We hurt people we love, you see, life is weird
Aside from this, even your friends tend to harm you
And when I don’t come back home at night, Mom thinks of the worst
Do not believe what its said to you, it’s understandable, you only have to look
All it takes it’s to shoot [with firearms] in a videoclip, in order to make the « cons » clicking [slang for idiots, fool, stupid]
We’re contributing to our brothers’ failure
We turn our backs on almost eveything but there is only « seum » that can enter our butts [slang, come from arabic word for venom, means annoyed, angry, disgusted but also Seum is a world for good hash which often come in mule’s ass accross borders between Marocco, Spain and France]
Misunderstood, hatred supporting me, we must not hang around, the good lifestyle is not waiting for us

Not only your Malabar [chewing-gum] is making bubles [hash does it too]
It’s hard to talk about me unless I’m drunk
And in the morning I don’t remember what I did the day before
In fact, here we support walls, unless it’s the other way ?
Once I’m far [high], I see blurry shit, bursted eyes [high]
Here we help you, only when you get beaten up.

Alcohol, hash and headache
The « mômes » [slang for, children, youth] hanging around and driving to the death, one wheel, on a pro bike, it’s stupid
But doors shut, good ones [friends] are more and more rare
You cry, you break down, smoke, we’ll see later
Alcohol, hash and headache
The « mômes » hanging around and driving to the death, one wheel, on a pro bike, it’s stupid
You cry, you break down, smoke, we’ll see later

NEFASTE – Alcool, Shit et Maux de tête (English lyrics)


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