Niska – Matuidi Charo (PSG) (English lyrics)

1rst verse (Niska) :
Tainted sunglasses
Xenon headlamps, tainted windows, (bando bando)
I would go to work
Crowbar, armoured doors
I’m still hungry, I’m not full
I still hustle with gloves on my hands
I still hustle with gloves on my hands
I used to steal the spoiled kids snacks
She takes it up the ass
She doesn’t want to get her clit blown up (bando na bando)
Dance like a charo, sweety, ninguisa loketo
Give me the price, I won’t fuck you over, you’re really paranoid
Paris-Saint-Germain, bando, Matuidi Charo
O pakoli tchoko
Now, even your skin tone is pink
We pay guys to spray you
Trafinquinté est la parole (??)
Trafinquinté est la parole (??)
We fucked you up, and you, you went and filed a complaint
Plan A : I’ll gun you down
Or like weed, I’ll stick you

2nd verse (Rako) :
I’m only getting started
I start off dirty (Matuidi Rako)
We’re mentally ready
In the streets you can get yourself brutally sprayed up
On a T-Max or in a German car
You’re a shooter apparently ?
You only do that orally
Why are you screaming big man ?
(Here) get yourself a tranquilizer
Homie I’m pissed
For all the brothers that are getting locked up
Never alone
Don’t ask why it’s dark behind me
It’s not that I’m bombing
But my brothers are my shadow
I’m bearded but I’m not planting any bombs
I don’t want to go to hell after I’m burried
There’s no cash, so I’m robbing
We need to leave illico guys there’s the anti crime brigade
We need to avoid the police station, I changed stocking mask
She’s in a helicopter, I’m in a jet-pack
We want cash like at the loto
No minimum sentence, no toto
Homie, pedal to the metal in the auto
We’re the best, there’s no doubt

3rd verse (Brigi) :
In the name of Toutatis
A little snack, as an appetizer I’m drinking Pastis
You’ve got three in your hands, I’ve got ten
When I get on the beat, yeah nigga, I know you get scared
I don’t have time for the niggas that bring me zero
Everyone get in line, one behind the next
It’s this way for the weed
For the coke take my number
We’ll meet quickly
I’ll pass you a couple grams, some pure
Some pure, my exchange currency
Arrogant, I’m on my catamaran
I’m stacking my money up in the most silent way
We slang death to those dogs that sniff hopelessly, or to politicians in the street
I’ll out speed you, I’m like the TGV under the English channel
I’m in the trend like flippa
So it’s normal that you’re flippin

4th verse (Trafiquinte) :
Trafiq’ comes through like an electric charge
We murk the competition, we make the critics hush
I don’t have time, dope dope
I’ve got drugs, time is money
I would even go as far as getting ten years, to protect the fam’
The team is ready to fire like an Afghan
We know how to make war, like Slovaks
Then like Russians under Cognac
We slang kilos without go fast
I’m doing my dou’as
Hola amiga amiga the chicas are making a halla
I’m making my mula, even if I have to spend
Attack with a machete like a Hutu rebel
I’ll score you a three pointer like Jordan Mbulu

5th verse (Madrane) :
We sprayed the place up, you’re unlucky, you saw that you got hit
We got busted, In front of the police officer I denied everything (Pa ! Pa !)
Snitching is out of the question
Nigga, even if I get sentenced to 6 years
I dress in Philip Plein
Homie, if there’s something, we’re many ( oh yeah yeah)
I don’t care about what you’re talking about
The only thing we want is to fatten our accounts
I don’t care if you lift weights
We’ll still come deal with you
(Bando na bando, bando ka bando)
Nigga I’m pissed (bando ka bando)
I’ll make a killing
Son of a bitch, you think you’re a business man
Allez, pousse-moi des affaires (??)
Don’t you worry, I’ll know what to do with it, some big green euro bills
Bring some Hannah, Hannah, Hannah Montana
Thiaga, thiaga, that’s a shame because you’re bella

Chorus (Brigi & Niska) :
Paris Saint-Germain, Matuidi Charo
Attacker, defense, Matuidi Charo
Middle field, Matuidi Charo
Even cross field passes, Matuidi Charo
Hoodlum, hoodlum, Matuidi Charo
Ching Chong, Matuidi Charo
Even against Barcelona, Matuidi Charo
He slangs Jamba, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
We’re running towards the money, Matuidi Charo
A field of blunts of weed, Matuidi Charo
In case of any trouble, Matuidi Charo
We slalom between 5-0, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo
Matuidi Charo, Matuidi Charo


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