NWH – Ciary ft. TPS, Kurzy (English lyrics)

They go up and down your spine when you’re scared.
When you go mad about her
or when you’re defending your arguments.
When things become complicated.
When you’re listening to our tracks or when you’re singin’ the national anthem.
When you haven’t tasted life yet. (You will though)
When you put yourself in danger and you feel the blood rushing through your head.
Carry yourself like a man.

[First verse: TPS]
You’ve got chills on your stomach, blood is throbbin’ in your temples.
You feel like you’re on crack.
Traps are being set. I enter the place even if it’s forbidden.
It’s like getting scared after hearing the floor creaking
or terror at the sight of a ghost after waking up.
This is some serious shit.
I’m moving strategically down the board.
I’m balancing between the heaven and hell.
Gettin’ high makes you calm, my hands are steady.
I get some sleep and get back to makin’ that paper.
It’s all gravy. TiW Joint(s) is burnin’.
500 metres from a promenade there’s TiW Shop, homie.
Finally I went legit. Shoutouts to my people!
To those who stayed and are slingin’ on the block.


[second verse: Kotzi]

I can feel them when she whispers to my ear: “Take me.”
The feeling is even more intense when she touches me.
When she told me she wants to have my baby.
When she said ” I do.”
When Kurzy is tuning his strings and starts to play.
Can you feel it?
When Tytuz is mixin’ I already know what it’s gonna be about.
I got them all over my body.
Hectic situations changed us.
Cast your mind back to the lost battles.
I felt them when it was time to fight
and when it was time to take to one’s heels.
Shivers, they appear out of the blue.
You would like to be at ease but old wounds keep opening up.
You see them on your skin when both of you are thinkin’
about the same thing at the same time.
It was all written in the stars. (I know it!)


[third verse: Seraf]

Sometimes they would caress my skin and I would feel them in my toes.
Everthing fell into place, I was making good dough.
You feel them when you hear the music.
Especially some classic shit like Nas rappin’ over DJ Premier’s beats.
When dreams become reality and you’re celebrating your success
instead of drinking alone at your crib.
Your relatives are with you, you see her smiling.
All the bad things are in the past, you know you will fall sound asleep.
They will keep you awake though if you’re going through a bad patch.
Your plan goes down the drain.
Your debts are growing.
Your hair stands on end with fright, coke and vodka start to kick in.
In short, you’re in deep shit.
You’re wondering whether it’s coke that’s fuckin’ with your head
or is it your moral scruples.
Xanax is not helpin’ you anymore, you go numb.
Shivers are a warning sign that your world started to crumble.


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